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Why can't I buy the product I have seen you offering without becoming a member?

If you have seen this requirement on an external website it is because the product itself may be considered as controversial (as most pioneering products usually are.) We distribute worldwide and due to legal reasons that vary from country to country it is far too complex for us to control or operate a different set of rules for every product and in every jurisdiction that we supply to. Therefore membership as one of our "co-researcher" members is essential before buying such products that are "ahead of the mainstream" and eagerly sought by our members as non-consumers.

For instance, there are today hundreds of books, websites and videos available around the world that refer to relatively cheap effective therapies for chronic conditions supported by highly qualified scientists working outside the mainstream regulatory framework but in most cases such information has been suppressed for decades by the status quo. The reason for this is manifold but awareness is slowly changing for the better as was confirmed in a recent announcement in the Daily Mail about top doctors asking for a public enquiry. Many informed and qualified researchers now feel that the laws controlled by the medical status quo are now quite outrageous and hopelessly outdated.

Our press release of 24th February 2016 was prompted by the Daily Mail article and can be seen at "Murky Practices" of Big Pharma revealed in mainstream British Press by top doctors

In Britain one particularly nasty piece of legislation is The Cancer Act 1939 which prevents suppliers linking to beneficial scientific research and in the USA, UK EU and most of the western world the truth gets hidden from the public by laws controlled by lobbyists on behalf of Big Pharma or by a shadowy undemocratic Non-Govermental Organisation (NGO) called Codex Alimentarius, largely unknown by the general public, that has been shown to have links to Big Pharma and which influences government decisions on legislation regarding health claims and supplements in general. The decisions that they arrive at are not always for the betterment of the public although that is the justification that they give for their existence.

Our members are informed individuals or organisations that do their own research on cutting-edge scientifically researched products and ingredients. Some of the scientific research is only just leaking out to mainstream into the effects of nutrients at a cellular level. A lot of this research has involved leading names in the fields of naturopathy and orthomolecular science. Despite this the mainstream has been controlled for decades by regulatory authorities which researchers have now revealed have been controlled by the pharmaceutical industry known as Big Pharma who are not interested in developing or investing funds into low-cost natural alternatives that can't be patented to give them total control.

Most informed individual researchers are now aware of this fact and, with the modern benefit of the Internet, are happy to do their own research and tell us what type of products or ingredients they wish to have made available to them to try as researchers not consumers.

Where can I find out more about some of these facts?

We have produced our own online TV channels at where there are hundreds of informative videos on a number of different subjects. We are constantly adding new channels and videos as new information becomes available. This online TV channel website also has a link to a free online university course outlining the latest scientific knowledge and research about why we age.

Are your products medically approved?

No, this is the whole point! Most of our ingredients are available with CoA's (certificates of analysis) but we do not offer medically approved products, make any medical or health claims or give any medical advice which is the legal monopoly domain of the pharmaceutical industry and qualified medical practitioners. (Preferably visit qualified practitioners who understand naturopathy, orthomolecular science or integrative medicine)

All our products are supplied as either dietary supplements or in the case of peptides as research products marked as "not for human use" which is a grey area in the market place but one in which there is now a growing demand from individuals and organisations that have already done or are doing their own research. This is why we will not supply members of the general public as consumers and in all cases we will only dispatch to members of our co-researchers club. However, we do not supply anything which has not been already extensively researched and in most cases contain ingredients which are being widely sold on the Internet today by companies who take a less cautious approach towards the regulatory authorities than we wish to adopt. We take a uniquely cautious approach because of the international coverage that we now enjoy with members, affiliates, medical practitioners, bulk resellers and research departments of international Universities.

I don't have any scientific or medical qualifications. Can I still join as a co-researcher?

Yes. We welcome all free thinking individuals who want to research these subjects and products, who are willing to learn and consider the latest ideas from the research available with an open mind.

The ideas and products you will discover from us are for sharing of information and research purposes only. We and our members are people sharing information we believe in. If you act on ideas or use products found here, you do so at your own risk. Self-help requires intelligence, common sense, and the ability to take responsibility for your own actions. By joining the club you agree to hold yourself FULLY responsible for yourself. Do not use any ideas or products found here without consulting a medical professional, unless you are a researcher or health care provider.

How long has the longevity revolution been established?

The company that controls The Longevity Revolution™ was originally formed in 2003 by the founder Tony Mackenzie who has been involved in following cutting-edge research into anti-ageing at the cellular level for over 40 years

Our first websites were set up around the year 2000 and we have since used the trading names of The Mackenzie Protocol and 21st Century Alternatives with the slogan of "keeping ahead of the mainstream."

These websites still exist along with around a dozen other websites worldwide. These names have eventually given way to the more relevant name of The Longevity Revolution and also operating the Co-Researchers Club.

This research has followed true longevity research as it has developed with regard to telomeres, mitochondria, DNA, and the antioxidants and nutrients that affect them. It is not to be confused with anti-ageing at a purely superfial cosmetic level.

To distinguish this research from the massive cosmeceutical market which most people have long confused with the term anti-ageing we adopted the new term of "longevity research" in 2014 and since then the growth of our international recognition has been exponential as the potential of extending lifespan becomes more apparent as a scientific reality.

Do you manufacturer the products or are you just a distributor?

All our encapsulated products are formulated by us and manufactured in Scotland and some new products will also now be produced in the USA. The peptides are produced to our specification at an independent and highly qualified sub-contract laboratory. We will consider any new ideas suggested by commercial members for new cutting edge formulas in dietary supplements or peptides.

Where do you despatch from and which countries do you despatch to?

We have despatch points in EU, UK and the USA. We despatch worldwide but have some exceptions with despatching certain products to Australia.

Do you offer an affiliate plan?

Yes. Details of this can be found at our members shop website after you have joined up as a member.

Do you offer bulk buying terms for any of the products?

Yes. All the products are available on bulk buying terms to approved registered bulk buyers/dealers.

Can you supply unbranded bulk supplies?

Yes. Bulk buyers can choose between branded or unbranded.

Do you have a corporate owner- are you part of a corporate group?

No. We are a debt free 100% independent privately owned family enterprise. It has taken us a long time without corporate funding to get to the position of being an international enterprise with a reputation for honesty and integrity

Q.What is your policy on ingredient purity?

Wherever possible we use the highest purity ingredients available that are both scientifically and economically viable. In most cases this will mean 98% or 99% purity depending on the product concerned. However, products like our UF-n (UK) are a natural extract of the sap of Laminaria Japonica with U-Fucoidan at 35% and L-Fucoidan at 11% and higher purification is not scientifically desirable as this would destroy the other natural nutrients contained within this plant.

On the other end of the spectrum is our ingestible organic Germanium Sesquioxide where we use a certified powder that is 99.999% purity because research evidence shows it needs to have no trace of the inorganic version called Germanium Oxide which can be toxic to the kidney. Unfortunately, the two products have been confused in the past but the non-toxic organic version is now gaining in popularity again amongst informed researchers

Another important point is that all our encapsulated products use best quality Pullulan vegetable capsules and within the capsules we use no fillers or excipients. Most major corporate capsule producers use these fillers to save money on ingredients and to speed up the filling time of encapsulation machines which also reduces the cost. We highly disapprove of these practices and some researchers claim to show some extremely negative results on how these fillers can affect the bio-availability of supplement ingredients.


The Longevity Revolution™

The Longevity Revolution™ Video

Live to 100 says Russian physician in 2011

Advances in medicine may provide long life for humans According to the Russian physician, Vladimir Khavinson, the key for longevity is to prevent aging by means of biomolecules formed by amino acids. Who has not wanted to reach 100 years of age in a healthy way? What seemed a distant dream some years ago may well be close to becoming reality.

Report from Pravda in English October 2011


Our press release April 16th 2015:-

Real Longevity Science Peptides launched in Britain

40 years of Russian research comes to the West

An established anti-ageing research company formed in 2003 and trading as the Mackenzie Protocol and 21st Century Alternatives has announced that it is dropping the term anti-ageing in favour of the term "Real Longevity Science."

They feel that the term "antiageing" has been given a negative image by the media despite worldwide evidence of scientific advances and knowledge of slowing down ageing naturally wihout drugs at the level of cells, mitochondria, telomeres and DNA.

They are making this change because most of the general public hear nothing about such advances and when they hear the term "antiageing" they are likely to only think, at best, of products such as antiwrinkle face creams and at worst, as scams.

At the same time as changing to the use of the term "Real Longevity Science" they are launching yhree new specialised websites at , , and to target the smaller and independent type of researchers, resellers, and practitioners who are interested in formulating their own natural longevity products from high purity competively priced raw powders.

Of particular note for their initial offerings at this website will be what are known as bio-regulator peptides consisting of small chains of amino acids found naturally in the human body but which become deficient with age and thus are offered for the formulation of dietary supplements in the form of capsules or liquid drops to be added to a glass of water.

Three of the first bio-regulator longevity peptides to be offered are epithalamine, TRH peptide, and Humanin S14G.

Epithalon is a tetra-peptide (four amino acid peptide) that has been extensively researched in Russia for at least the last 35 rs.

TRH peptide is a tri-peptide (three amino acids) has been extensively researched for longevity effects for around the same time span in Italy and Switzerland.Most prominent in this field is the work of Dr Walter Pierpaoli.

Humanin S14G is more recent and experimental but there are many scientific research links available on the Internet.

Products formulated from the peptide Epithalon are now being imported by a few Western resellers but, with this new launch, such resellers worldwide can now purchase the raw peptide powder ready made and in stock from Britain at a very competitive price in quantities starting as low as one sample vial of 50mg.

Bio-regulator peptides are widely sold across Russia as over-the-counter dietary supplements. They were originally developed by the former USSR to extend the useful life of their working population as well as to overcome concerns about the increased ageing effects at a cellular level experienced by cosmonauts in outer space.

The company owner Tony Mackenzie states "the mainstream media are only interested in reporting on expensive patentable drugs that Big Pharma may develop in a decade or so and never mention that products produced using real longevity science based on natural unpatentable substances have already been around for some years. Informed people and medical practitioners are now becoming more and more aware of this fact."

He further states "We believe the best way to spread the word is to incentivise the independents by offering high purity and good value with excellent potential profit margins"

The company still offers it's regular supply of well researched longevity products at their other websites to their existing worldwide members and resellers.

Please contact Tony Mackenzie for further information or ordering details.

end of press release