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When will we have quick match matchmaking where there will always be a tank and a healer? Sometime this fall, coming to a quick match near you I feel like one of the issues in ranked play is that some players only play for the minimal amount for the seasonal rewards. What's your take on increasing the amount of games required for the rewards, making a tiered system or other incentives to encourage these people to play more? This is good feedback, and something that the design team had discussed leading up to Season 3.

We're actively considering adding a "Season Quest" that players need to complete in order to obtain their season reward. This may take the form of a tiered system, as you suggest, or it could be a flat and simple objective. In either case, we agree that there is an opportunity here. Does the decay timer secretly affect players who are in placements?

TL doesn't have decay timers and ranked decay enabled! The decay timers do not secretly affect players who are in placements.

Only when a player has finished all their placement matches, are the decay timers initiated. However, we hope our players remain actively engaged as there is always content coming out and you may miss out on some of our events if you quit for 40 days.

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I certainly hope you managed to catch Nexxomania! So if a player quit playing say Their MMR wouldn't have been decaying over that period? The issue people are having is that they expect there to be decay for people who don't play for 18 months, but your reply is saying that that is not true, there is no decay for these players. That is correct I completely understand your concerns, and they are things we continuously consider. With a feature like this, we'd like to see the impact of it and evaluate all the data before we iterate on it further to ensure we can make as informed a decision as possible.

As always we look at the community feedback as well as measure the impact of these changes to make sure we are providing the best possible experience for all players across the community. Thank you again for your feedback. Do you have any ideas in mind to make Team League a more attractive mode? We do spend time discussing all of our game modes, identifying what is working well and where we can make improvements. Bear in mind that all of this is very much still a work in progress and in an early discussion stage.

Team League becomes a mode that is only available during specific windows of time for a limited duration. This could mean the mode is only available on weekends, or something rarer like specific weeks out of a month block, or a handful of times throughout an entire ladder season. Team League is updated to allow all group sizes, including solos and 4-player parties. Combine TL and HL into a single queue.

Maybe having multiple ladders based off your group size specifically a solo queue ladder would alleviate concerns here. At least then, solo queue players would be ranked only against other solo queue players. Turn TL into a more structured experience that embraced players forming permanent or semi-permanent teams. Essentially, players would create a team name, have a limited roster of players available, potentially customize something visual to represent their team, etc.

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In this version, teams would likely last an entire season, or this could be combined with something like the first option where this is your team for a limited window of time. Ultimately, we do want to increase participation in Team League. When do you plan to introduce hero swapping to ranked play, if at all?

Hero swaps are one of the most commonly requested features from the Heroes community for ranked play. We discussed this in our April AMA as well which you can find here Since then, we've continued looking at the roadmap for ranked play. We do have plans to include hero swaps into draft phases for ranked play, but we don't have a timeline for when we'd expect that to come online.

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When we do decide to include it, I think it's very likely that we'll introduce it through Unranked Draft first, and message it well in advance. There are pros and cons with hero swaps, particularly for less experienced players that may be pressured to select heroes they are unfamiliar with for the promise of swapping later.

When a player is only comfortable with a handful of heroes, it's difficult to want to hand control of your pick choice over to someone else. We've considered a few options: Adding Hero Swaps but disabling them below a certain league Allow players to lock-in their hero selection in the order they choose I'd be interested in hearing some of your feedback on these ideas, as well as any suggestions for this feature. Having an AI team mate is a significant disadvantage. In situations where a player deserts their team they will be punished appropriately, while their teammates will have no points deducted for that loss.

If the undermanned team wins with an AI in-tow it does happen occasionally! Do you have plans to show mmr to the players and when would that be? We have a new visualization of hero performance that helps reinforce the MMR means. I don't have a date for the release of this feature just yet. As we get nearer to its release we'll be sure to get a blog post up that describes the system, and the changes that will be coming along with it. Do you have any estimate as to when we will see performance-based matchmaking in the game?

Of those, Loss Forgiveness is the first in line for development, while Performance Based Matchmaking will follow shortly after. I can't commit to an exact timeline for these just yet. When and how do you plan to fix them? You've touched on a few different topics so I'll do my best to try and address each of them. We are currently aware of the challenges that minor regions experience and are investigating ways to create additional incentives for players to participate in these modes that are facing challenges.

Being able to queue for multiple modes is an interesting idea and compelling. However, there are many challenges that come with that. For example, when a player is eligible for matches in different queues, what happens? Is it a first come first serves? What happens to the other 9 players in a match you choose to not go into?

We have a holding mechanic that allows players of higher ratings to place a hold on players they feel they could make a match with in the near future whoa A change like this would have far reaching impacts across numerous game modes and potentially create scenarios where all game modes would have a degraded performance. Don't get me wrong, I love this idea and it has been discussed within the team.

However, when we make changes to the matchmaker, we validate our changes across historical data for the the population to understand the impact of the changes. With a change as complex as this we would have to verify that all game modes observed a net positive in terms of quality of games as well as queue times. In terms of duo queuing see here I agree, the game is very enjoyable with friends and I assure you we are very much invested in trying to improve the experience for our minor region heroes I get tired of losing points and having to play low-priority.

Also showing MMR would shed a lot of light and transparency on how we are matched.

Currently we observe there are a small percentage of players whose MMR and Rank Points have diverged. As a result, these players end up in matches like the one you described.

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However, it is important to note that both MMR and Ranked Points are used when determining which players get placed into a game. Because of the divergence previously mentioned, GM players may see a lower ranked master player in their game when, in reality, that player has a higher MMR than his current rank. We are investigating potential solutions for how to reduce this divergence.

In regards to displaying MMR to the player, please refer to the following reply that has more details. I kind of find promotion and demotion games in the same league annoying. Going from Plat 2 to Plat 1 and vice versa, they don't make much of a difference to me.

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My question is, are you so far happy with this, or do you plan to change anything here? Like only making promo and demo games between leagues. I tend to agree. I feel that moving between divisions shouldn't require this an additional layer of ladder anxiety. We don't have that on the schedule at the moment so I don't want to promise a timeline for delivery. What plans do you think will be implemented this season? The Season 3 patch included a ton of changes to Hero League, though not all of them are player-facing.

We're still planning on making improvements to matchmaking rules, but right now, we're focused on fixing bugs, and improving our matchmaking data collection.