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Weird Question I know but I have to ask: Does it really make a difference between the zip code on the vehicle registration and the where the car is smogged in California? The reason I ask is my mom has to get her car smogged in Yreka and the registration shows my address in Los Altos, since I pay it and the insurance.

The guy at the smog shop is suggesting her to change the address on the reregistration so it will be easier to pass smog or for her to drive to Redding to get it tested. He hasn't even tested it yet to see if it passes as is.

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So she is calling me to see if I have heard of this. Due to the elevation? Have any of you heard anything like this? I thought a Calif smog test was Calif smog test.

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P Team 1 Sep 3, If her car is registered in Los Altos it is in an enhanced testing area. If has to be tested on a dyno. Change the address of the registeration then get it retested. Or just take it to a station that uses a dyno. Yes, to the above and she is paying more for registration when registered in Santa Clara County too. Punctuality Sep 3, Yreka is in Siskiyou County, where smog inspections are required for change of ownership only. Because it is registered in Santa Clara County, it requires biennial inspections for registration.

Basically, if it is transferred to her address in Siskiyou County, she will never have to smog it again until it changes ownership. And even if that requires changing ownership from you to her, those types of blood-relative transfers are exempt from change-of-ownership smog inspections.

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The mechanic is right. Transfer to Yreka address and never have to smog it again.

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  7. Thanks for confirming Steve. Gee, now I want to move my other vehicles to her address,Thanks. Gee, now I want to move my other vehicles to her address, Thanks. Immediate family ownership changes are tax exempt as well. I don't know what car you have, or what that car's PE looks like. But the n54 PE does not change whether it has secondaries or not.

    It's an axle back. It just replaces the muffler.

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    The only i I'm aware of that doesn't have secondaries in the midpipe is n55 cars I believe. Anyway, your question was about finding "mod friendly smog shops".

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    You'll be hard pressed to find one unless you find one you can pay off. Your best bet is to make it look stock where it matters, and go to a shop that won't make you do the sniffer test. Originally Posted by austin.

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    I have a n51 i sorry for not stating that earlier, but yeah 2nd cats make no difference in the sniff test. Last edited by austin; at Maybe Castro's in NoHo. I would just try whatever "hole in the wall" spots there are around where you live. At least that's my experience when it comes to whether or not they care about the visual inspection. I know it would show up on car fax but assuming I fail bc of visual and then take it to a place that will pass me after that fail, any chance this will affacet the resale of the car or future smog checks? All times are GMT The time now is Mod friendly smog place in socal?