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We are unable to send an order without an invoice. This is a great manual choke conversion kit for cars using the Zenith Stromberg carburetors. Holley has been the undisputed leader in fuel systems for over years. All the parts required for a fast, easy changeover to hand choke operation. For all carburetor models , and We cannot combine your order if you have already Holley Manual Choke Conversion Kit. You will receive ONE complete choke k Use these parts to add a manual choke to all model Holley double pumpers with mounting holes for attaching screws.

Tech: Install An Electric Choke On Your Manual Carb

Originally Posted By BigAg. Ok that makes a lot of sense. I think I'll buy the electric and hook the positive up the ballast and then the negative to the engine block or carb for ground. This is the first I have worked with a carb before and surprised and how much time I am spending with it. I am not familiar with the carburetor solenoid. A quick google isn't turning up much on it. Maybe it also goes by a different name? Is this more of a option or a must have for the car to run correct. It's an emissions thing, early carbs didn't have the solenoid.

It's used to keep the throttle blades from fully closing with the key on. I forget exactly why that was necessary anymore, since I don't run stock carbs either.

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Actually, the emissions solenoid was there to open the throttle blades slightly when the engine was running. There was a problem with the engines Dieseling after the ignition was shut off. And, closing the throttle blades far enough to eliminate this Dieseling shut off the air needed for idling. So the solenoid when energized opened the throttle to the idle setting.

Converting an automatic choke to manual | How a Car Works

But that's not all. The engine produces a great amount of unburned stuff when you quickly take your foot off the gas. The high vacuum sucks too much fuel into the engine causing a momentary rich spike.

Manual Choke Installed

So, many manual transmission cars got a solenoid to slow down the throttle closing. This could be bothersome as you'd take your foot off the gas and the engine revs wouldn't respond quickly. Then there were the solenoids that kicked up the idle to run the air conditioning compressor without killing the engine at idle.

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I don't know which use the solenoid would have had on your car, but unless you need it for emissions purposes I believe it can be left off. Previous Topic Index Next Topic.

Converting an automatic choke to manual

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  • Page 1 of 2. When you remove the pin, set it aside because it will be reused. The fast idle lever assembly is held on with this screw. Remove the screw and the assembly, but save the screw, the wire spring and the smaller of the two levers for reuse. Keep the stuff on the right.

    Fitting a choke conversion kit

    Ditch the big lever on the left. The last piece to be removed is the small gasket which you can see in this photo. Make sure the surface where it attached to the carburetor is clean and the air passage it covered is clear. You can blow compressed air through it, and the air should exit out the bottom of the carburetor.

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    • Tech: Install An Electric Choke On Your Manual Carb.
    • The kit will include a new gasket with a hole it it to allow air through. Ours had an adhesive backing. Install it in place of the old, solid gasket. Reinstall the fast idle lever assembly using the new large lever from the kit and the parts you saved previously. Here, you see how the choke rod assembles to the new choke housing. Once it is in place, use the retaining pin you saved from disassembly to secure it. The choke housing is secured to the carburetor at the same three attachment points used for the manual choke plate.