Terms & Conditions

All sales are made as  NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION" to members-only for the purpose of education and research. Please do not join or make a purchase unless you agree to these  member-only conditions. Anyone who has made a purchase from us at an external website before joining may cancel that transaction and have a full refund if they do not agree with these conditions.


Terms & Conditions


All Members


I declare that I am requesting to join the Longevity Revolution  members  club as a co-researcher for the benefit of learning and sharing with other members new cutting edge science or cellular nutrition information that we jointly discover about up to date research into anti aging and alternative wellbeing aims from natural nutrition. This also extends to research or experimental nutrients and peptides now being introduced worldwide that I may wish to research.


To all whom it concerns I make it clear in my wish to join this club that I wish to purchase cutting edge research products and/or ingredients  as non food or non medical items for my own anti aging research which  include nutritional ingredients both approved or not approved for any purpose  but may also include research peptides that have not been approved by the FDA (USA) or MHRA (EU) or  FSA (uk) or any similar organisation worldwide.


I accept that no representation is or has been made for any product to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition  or disease and any such inference made by third parties or third party links is their opinion only and is only to be considered for educational purposes.


I accept that it is my sole responsibility to research any products or ingredients before purchase and that it is also my sole responsibility to investigate the legality or suitability of any substance within my own individual country before purchase and I fully absolve The Longevity Revolution for any liability, legal or otherwise  in respect of any purchases that I may request. This includes, but is not limited to, items being withheld or that may be withheld by customs in any country or jurisdiction.


I understand and agree that as a member of this club I will take advice from qualified medical and legal  specialists before ipurchasing  any product that my chosen line of research entails.





All members and purchasers must agree to all these terms and conditions 
when proceeding with membership and/or any purchase.

1. All purchases are only made to non consumers as B2B  (Business to Business). Do not 
proceed if you are an ordinary member of the public not intending to 
engage  in longevity science research.     Purchasers should ensure that 
they or their representatives have the necessary qualifications to make 
such assessments to qualify for these conditions.

2. We do not make any health claims or usage recommendations for any products.

3. All labels and packaging are now being changed to plain pouches and 
will list only the ingredients and their purities contained therein. Where old labelling is still being used through the changeover period, all descriptions,  other than purity levels,  should be ignored including any inferences that might be suggested by text or graphic images
4. All products and labelling are supplied as non compliant for consumer sales and it is the buyers responsibility to make any necessary changes or alterations to ingredients and/or labelling to make them compliant with any legislation in any jurisdiction in the world.

5. Any buyer who wishes to resell any products must do so under their own brand name and at their own risk  but in all circumstances must comply with term (4) above.