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*2010 we brought you the first British/European price challenge to TA65™(trademark owned by TA Sciences inc) with our own HTA98™ herbal telomerase activator.

See video.

The REAL Anti Aging Secret is out!

* 2012 We brought you the first British/European price challenge to GENUINE U-Fucoidan with UF-n(uk)™ (We are not allowed by British law to discuss it's benefits but our co-researcher club members know what they want it for!)

* January 2013. We brought you the first British non-MLM challenge to the various Adult Stemcell Enhancers with our AStRA ™ product

* NOW we bring you the 21st Century Alternatives transdermal patch called PQQ Complete ™


*NOW we are bringing you  raw LONGEVITY peptide powders for researchers. (epithalon, TRH & Humanin)

Our full range of product for progressive medical practitionrrs, informed researchers and other resellers can be seen at our online shops as follows:-

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