What does curvy mean in online dating

There are, of course, exceptions but there really is an obvious trend to this effect. The curvy ones who actually show their full bodies, and who are not overweight, are high on my list. Be as honest as you can in your photos good face shot, full body shot, etc.. Use pictures, not a body-type description. I have a pretty small belly, some love handles, and a little extra in my shoulders and back, all of which is only slightly noticeable while clothed.

Women reject men because of their physical appearance too. Whether you like or can overlook a big gut or a big butt is totally personal and not all men or all women are the same for this. If you start thinking this way, you will rob yourself of dates. Someone rejecting you is about them, not you. Same with my female friends. It just depends on the two people. Sure, it feels like crap when it happens.

Online dating - curvy or fat? - guyQ by AskMen

I totally get it. I have strong self-esteem and love myself. Also I am a published poet, an Engineering Assistant, I meditate, and love to be out in nature. So, just because I am not 50 lbs lighter in weight, men ignore me? I am confident, compassionate, loving, etc. I went to open mic nights and read my work and lots of men of all ages, sizes, fitness and personalities found me hot. My ex husband is an ex because he is extremely judgmental. I was the one asking for a divorce.

This is all done so that woman would feel powerless, worthless, etc and men would be dominant and powerful. There is more to life than looks. There is more to life than status. So, I would rather have someone to get to know the real me. So, if my physical appearance is not to your liking that is fine with me. However, just make sure that you are looking into your heart and soul when you are deciding who you want in your life.

Common Online Dating Falsities #1: Curvy or Fat

Does being slender, athletic and toned, curvy, etc mean more than a woman who has a brain and a heart of gold. Yet you have loved her for so long and know she is the right one for you. Do you toss her away to find the next pretty thing or are you mature enough to love a lady that is not the body type you physically go for….

My friend came up to me today and had a profile on match, my future ex, he wanted to show me that looked familiar to him. I know for a fact that she is not about average!

What does a curvy body type mean on a dating site profile?

Not unless she lost about 70 pounds in the last 6 hours. I just do not get it. What does she expect is going to happen when she has a face-to-face. I was just curious of what about average is? FYI to you guys out there on match.. RUN from this woman!! Having said that, curvy is an often misunderstood label. I does not refer to size but proportions and shape. It can cover a very wide range of sizes.

Full hips with a relatively small waist ; either hourglass or pear-shaped overall. I always seek out dates with this body type and it is increasingly rare. While average can include curvy, I would say that average refers to size but with a more straight up and down shape. So where are the curvy women who recognise and celebrate how they look and like slim, athletically built men? You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. It's Not a Match. How is This My Match: OK, moving on… Now, in all fairness, this guy could be a saint. This means you have a body. No more, no less. Could be anywhere from: Am I not Big and Beautiful?

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May 18, at 5: February 9, at August 28, at 5: November 22, at 5: February 10, at 3: March 26, at 1: February 11, at 6: April 28, at 5: June 15, at 6: October 6, at 9: December 18, at 8: October 30, at November 26, at 5: February 12, at 6: February 14, at 1: May 3, at 2: May 16, at 7: February 25, at 1: June 16, at 8: August 29, at 2: June 15, at 7: July 8, at 9: So I need to ask this of you: July 8, at August 26, at 2: June 14, at 8: Guys…slender means slightly underweight with no curves.

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December 14, at 5: July 26, at 8: July 27, at 5: August 2, at 6: February 26, at 6: August 15, at 1: August 17, at 2: September 22, at 8: November 5, at 8: December 10, at 5: December 14, at 9: I have enjoyed reading your posts. January 5, at 7: February 21, at 2: June 16, at February 25, at 2: June 17, at 3: February 17, at 1: March 10, at July 23, at March 21, at 6: May 30, at 6: June 16, at 9: September 21, at 8: September 28, at June 20, at 2: B, you could not be more wrong on Curvy.

July 14, at 2: December 2, at 6: July 29, at 7: December 9, at 6: July 31, at I don't believe however, that the idea from cultural to cultural varies so widely that we could not reach a common agreement of the two words. To be frank, I believe it's already been done. Verushka, you must live in Utopia if women are nicer to each other than men are to them.

Women sure do use a lot of the labels you mentioned.

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Think about that for a second. It's not to actually describe, its so they can use code to say someone is fat. As far as this being my opinion, ehhhhh, maybe. But good luck finding guys that disagree with my summation on body types, you'll find some but not many. If that was the guideline we lived by, and we definitely don't, but if it was, we'd have to decide which one comes first.

And if someone is thin, there is no way they are curvy. You have to have a frame in order for curves to occur. ThoughtIWasnt, that was what I was getting at, without the break down of measurements and other scientific information. Maybe I should have. It would be better to leave out those questions all together. Yeah, online dating is interesting to say the least. Guys putting up false occupational information vs. You literally see this all the time. I'm impressed that you actually did the math. Common Online Dating Falsities 1: I'm going to be writing articles on here periodically on the subject of online dating.

Think of it as a series. The first set will regard "falsities. Why do you care? Because just like any other type of dating, online dating has to have honesty. Short of that, it needs someone who can at least start a conversation about a common standard. The next set will regard reviews of dating sites, which I am working on diligently. These reviews will be from my perspective, which will more than likely be helpful to men more so than women. However, the reviews will have information pertinent to all. But as you might guess, I have valuable information to pass along, so let's get started on falsities: One of THE worst parts of online dating, in theory and practice, is misrepresentation.

Ever since the concept of online dating came about people thought, "Oh gosh!


What if the girl I'm talking to ends up being a guy! I tend to believe it has gotten much better, because people have realized that even though it's online, when it comes to dating sites, there's the expectation that the online person is legitimate, and will be able to meet up in the real world.