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Los Angeles was first founded during the gold rush era in the s. Almost immediately, the city was booming with hotels, bars, and saloons. People have always wanted to have a great time in Los Angeles and they have been hooking up ever since it was founded! However, LA is also a city that never sleeps so you can even find a busy nightclub on a Monday or Tuesday night!

No matter what night you want to go out in Los Angeles, you can find a sexy spot. We here at SoNaughty want you to have the best possible time in Los Angeles. By hitting up any of the bars or clubs listed below, you're sure to not only have a great time but also score at least a hookup or two!

It's pretty safe to say that out of all the hookup spots that exist, the Los Angeles hookup bars are some of the best. LA is, after all, a world class city! So it makes sense that the bar scene would be just as great.

Check out our five fave bars below:. Sometimes you just need to get out and dance the entire night away. Luckily Los Angeles makes the super easy. This is THE city for hookup clubs. In fact, there is practically a nightclub on every corner in LA. That is just the way we like it! If you're wanting to expand your horizons and really start to explore your fantasies, the best way to do it is to join a members only swingers club.

If the idea of a sex club makes you feverous, don't worry! Swingers clubs are, by nature, very open and welcoming clubs.

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They love getting new members and aim to show everybody a good time. So what are you waiting for?

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Join one of these five clubs today! Or maybe join all five! We don't have to tell you more than once that Los Angeles is an absolutely magical city. It IS called the city of dreams, after all! And these hookup bars and nightclubs only prove just how magical it is.

What I learned from the classic college hook-up culture at USC

Another absolutely fantastic city with a great hookup scene is NYC. Before you go, here's a list of important links to recap:. Click here to see even more SoNaughty worldwide hookup spots. Click here for more SoNaught US cities. Click here to see even more LA hookup bars. Los Angeles is a city that people often dream of moving to someday! If you can't move there you can at least visit with the SoNaughty list of hookup bars.

Los Angeles Hookup Spots. Los Angeles Hookup Spots: Los Angeles Hookup Bars It's pretty safe to say that out of all the hookup spots that exist, the Los Angeles hookup bars are some of the best. Check out our five fave bars below: All major credit cards and cash accepted; no parking on site and minimal street parking available.

The Varnish is a too cool for school cocktail bar located in downtown Los Angles. You will likely feel intimidated when you first go in but don't worry because everyone feels that way their first time! After you order your first drink and settle in, you'll realize that while The Varnish is a very cool spot, the patrons are all laid back and the bar staff are super friendly and accommodating.

No matter what night of the week you hit up The Varnish, you're bound to meet someone you can take home with you! All major credit cards and cash accepted; no parking on site and minimal street paring in the area. Precinct DTLA is one of the city's hottest gay bars. Whether you're looking to just hang with friends or want to find someone to pick up and take home, Precinct DTLA is the place to do it. There are also drink specials to take advantage of every day! Don't miss the 2 for 1 shots on Wednesdays.

Los Angeles Hookup Spots

Oh, and wondering what the DTLA stands for? Seven Grand is a super swanky, super luscious cocktail and whisky bar located in a trendy suburb of Los Angeles. This is the sort of laid-back cocktail bar that you'll want to spend all night at, slowly sipping your exquisite whisky cocktail. If you can think of a brand of whisky, it's almost a guarantee that Seven Grand will have it! All major credit cards and cash accepted; can be busy on the weekends so best to book in advance.

When you think of a tiki bar, you might think of something super cheesy and touristy. Tiki-Ti is definitely like that but also somehow it manages to be cool and chic at the same time! Case in point, this dorky tiki bar is one of the most popular bars in all of LA. It could be the fun drinks with umbrellas in them; it could be the tropical-like atmosphere; it could be how it feels like a vacation and everyone acts like it. Regardless, you're sure to have a great time at Tiki-Ti! Good Times at Davey Wayne's Type.

All major credit cards and cash available; no paring on site but some street parking available nearby. A night at Good Times at Davey Wayne's is like jumping in a time machine and travelling back to the s!