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She had already done all her shoots and got paid at that point, they took down her pics for a brief period and then put them back up later. NA are the real daebak" she's not boxy wtf and thick thighs are hot imo. She has really nice boobs, in kpop not to many idol has nice boobs just her, hyorin, soyou, bom, and g. Aksnkzdjasjbd woohyun as if nam woohyun of infinite?? I thought only shy boy or blue haired jieun visited by sj, sg and another one I forgot or when some of them with jieun on songs program. Well her body is the only thing she has going for her so might as well milk it for all it's worth.

What the fuck, I think some people should know not being interested doesn't mean playing hard to get. Her's is nothing special. She didn't need to drag Gain and Yewon down to make herself better. She's pretty and she has the biggest chest in Kpop, so why. I really think that she has one of the best bodies in kpop. She actually has a good shape and she is not like a stick either.

I thought k-netz would like her body cause she has a really thin waist and legs. Well I guess if it looks too good, they think it's plastic.

[Rumor Mill] INFINITE and SECRET are dating? ~ Netizen Buzz

She's been called the Bagel girl since Love is Move era. And I can't deny that her body's good: Her breasts are not even that big?????? Girl group 'A' member 'B' and boy group 'C' member 'D' are currently dating. The way they met is actually quite amusing, as they were intoduced to each other after the break up of member 'E' from group 'A' and member 'F' from group 'C'.

E's relationship with F was said to have been a rollercoaster due to F's tendency to cheat, which was the cause for their break up. E was said to have spent many nights crying over the loss. On the contrary, F started spreading rumors among idols about his relationship with E. Although E tried to get back at him, it never happened.

She has rumors with woohyun, sunggyu, and that random blind item of her with sungjong lmao. Who knows if she even dated any of them But infinite has good taste if any of them did date her imho. I don't really know much about them together as groups tbh but they were on sstp and I only heard of the Hyosung and L dating but apparently Woohyun??? That's rather mean, why assume the men lost interest in her after getting to know her, what if it was the other way round. Her losing interest after realising they weren't her type or weren't what she expected OR they were all just too busy and moved on before things got serious.

As for her body, every celebrity whether they do it directly or indirectly need their body and face in order to be successful to some levels. Hyosung seems like a right sweet heart, and I wish her all the best,, I just hope people would sometimes stop the hate and actually see the best in others. How many more rumors like this are international fans missing out, I mean, imagine the fics. I'm always surprised when I hear that, as if all East Asian girls had small breasts What is their medium?

Whatever they probably like g. I prefer hyosung's body. It's just like anywhere else being too thick or too thin is not considered attractive.

Sungjong dating hyosung. Ryeowook, Hyosung vs Sungjong, Dongwoo cut

I don't believe that Hyosung hasn't dated since she debuted. Do you want us to believe over the course of 6 years you haven't dated at least 1 guy you liked? Tbh I don't want to sound mean but I don't find her pretty either. Always thought she was a bit of a butterface. It's true like not all western women have huge boobs but just considering the fact that eastern cup sizes are smaller than western ones shows that on average it's true but their will always be exceptions.

In the words of Lee Joon, "it's like watching animal kingdom" xD. Nana, Uee, Soyou, Seohyun they have long tones legs but neither thick nor to skinny. I have yet to see any female idol with enough butt to not be considered flat but some do have thick thighs and nice wide hips so it's not so bad. I remember thinking it was ridiculous, but who knows this might've happened: I always shipped her with Kikwang I really thought they had a thing. She's really pretty in that dating show. I think it called match made in heaven? Well I'd argue about Nana her thighs are almost the same as her calves O.

Is it strawberry blonde? Like I can't figure out what that hair shade would be called.

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So know we can assume B is hyosung and D is woohyun. Who knows about the other two. I remember reading that on average, they have the least amount of fat in their buttocks as well as having a lower amount of breast tissue.

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Which is why when there are exceptions, such as Shinozaki Ai's bustiness, it gets considerable attention. Because she is pretty and had a good body. Look at all this hate, and netizenbuzz commenters are supposed to be social Justice warriors. Yet they sound like jealous haters. Isn't having a "some" with somebody also considered as dating though? I might be wrong on this one. She might have not been in a serious relationship but I doubt that she never have went out on a date or something.

This is so relevant, so is this. You are right she is not the first one to say this and I wasn't specifically thinking about her while making the comment but more in general. I also didn't feel like my comment was hateful. Yea it was, she did look better on there. Atleast her hair did anyway, not that I dislike hers now though.

Nana's calves are almost twice her thigh size, she's not skinny like Sooyoung.

Wtf she has been dating before and even talked about it: What's funny is that if I think someone likes me, from then on, I can't be affirmative. If a guy I like shows some feelings toward me, I freeze. The way I see it, I think I get a bit nervous. That is why I'm disappointed that I was not more active when I dated. Truthfully, there was never a single time I called somebody first when I was dating him. You can't date like that, can you? That must be why I'm single. And neither yewon to gain the sympathy of knetz idiots.

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Plz don't bring down other womens to look good. Body type is only part of what makes you "sexy". Ga In has the right combination of body, confidence and womanly allure that puts her ahead of Hyosung and Yewon. There is a "complete package" rare air right now that is pretty much inhabited by Ga In and Hyuna, every one else has room to upgrade. NA's body and allure are wonderful, but she needs more confidence to get there. Oh okay thanks for clearing it up for me. I never really understood the concept of some.

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  7. Never got the hype. Why don't you translated all the most liked comments instead of picking the ones you want to translate? Before that she said she is glad that they all have different styles and looks good. I don't get why there are comments saying Why she's dragging Gain and Yewon down to make her look better. Proportions are important too. For my standard, it is me" Honestly her body is way better than those 2 IMO too, unless you compare her with Hyorin or Soyu, then I think I would hesitate.

    People forgot the question is about who has the better body, so saying Gain is sexier is really invalid, Gain body is not good at all.

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    And for netizens that think people lost interest in her, I think she is a very sweetheart in real life, even her members said that everyone likes her and is friend with her. She has a lot of female and male friends too. So dream on, your oppa won't like you. I just can't associate myself with her new changed face. Sometimes PS does wonders, but sometimes it makes it even worse.

    I cant feel happy about her PS. Its her face, she can do all she wants. But I want the old Hyosung back: Is that what she actually said? If it is then it's the MC trying to stir up something. Of course she should say she's confident in her body. Based on the few comments I could understand, no one seemed to take it seriously.