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We got engaged after 6 months, married in just under a year. It doesn't take long for a man to know if you're the one. My parents got married after knowing each other for a month. They've been married for 45 years. No one comes to mind. But I think the success of the marriage depends on how much time the couple spends together within a specific time frame.

I don't see the need to get married so quickly but that's just me. I feel as if the more you know someone the more you know whether you could live with them, predicting how someone will be 2 years from now is tricky. In my experience, situations have changed quickly.. The longer you are with someone, the more you will know what will happen if situations change. I don't see any downside to waiting. I've been married a few times first annulled due to being too young 18 and clearly not ready.

My best were the ones in we met by happenstance rather than through mutual friends. We discussed early on what our expectations were and progressed toward that during our 3 months of courtship. By the 7th or 8th month, a proposal. By year's end, marriage license and wedding for friends and families. The old saying is, " before you marry someone, you should summer, winter and fall with them. We got engaged exactly one year from first date and married about ten months later, twenty years ago now.

May 12, My parents were together for 4 months before getting married.. I know a couple who had been together since high school, 10 year courtship.

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Divorced after 2 years of marriage. I've been engaged for over year. Let's hope I can make it to August. This year we celebrate our 20th anniversary. Engaged after 8 months and will be celebrating 9 years this year. Report 7 years ago 2. So you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with him, years, but you want to get engaged after just 3 months? Personally I don't see the point in rushing into it. Even a year or two is too soon I think. I know things seem amazing now but you're still in the honeymoon period, give it another couple of years and see how you feel then.

Report 7 years ago 3. Hey guess what, you're heading for divorce.

Report 7 years ago 4. These days yeah it is a bit weird. Plus it sounds like you are still in the 'honeymoon' period, everything is intense and exciting and you're still getting to know eachother, I'd give it a good year or so before even thinking about engagement tbh. I know a few people who got engaged early into the relationship, thought they were going to be together for ever, and a few months later they've all broken up. It also sounds like you are getting caught up in the moment - if he hadn't mentioned engagement, would you have even thought about getting engaged?

That being said my mum and dad got engaged after being together for 4 months, and they've been together 30 years today so I suppose it does work out sometimes. Report 7 years ago 5. You should at least wait until you start to irritate each other and then decide if you can put up with each other forever.

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Report 7 years ago 6. Original post by HP15 19 and 20, engaged in 3 months. Report 7 years ago 7. Original post by PinkMobilePhone I got engaged at Other half was We got engaged after 2 months married 3 and a half years after that. I'm now nearly 28, he's 35, we have three kids, we're still married.

Report 7 years ago 8. Original post by Pink Bullets There are also some people who won the Euromillions, but a hell of a lot more who bought tickets and did not.

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I'm genuinely very glad it has worked out well for you so far, but I don't think it's responsible to implicitly encourage teenagers to gamble their futures because of a small chance it could work out. Report 7 years ago 9. Report 7 years ago It's a bad idea. My boyfriend told me too that he was planning to propose on my birthday, which is in August, and we've been together for 10 months.

I mean if you started dating at 16 and got engaged at 18, then that may well be much too soon. I am 24 and my husband is turning 25 next month. We finished grad school a few months before our wedding Masters in Education and both have jobs. I suggest you show him this thread and the poll results. It really varies from couple to couple. A lot I know around my age are together much longer than 2 years, but that is the UK.

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But around similar ages. My Fiance and I were together just over 14 months when we got engaged, when you know you know! People should know pretty well what they want at that age. He too had agreed we would get married but for some reason decided an engagement was way in the future. Ask him to rationalise out why he would want to wait.

Then see if he notices who makes more sense. Thennnn you sadly have to play the waiting game….

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Our friends got engaged after knowing each other for five months they met after we did. He needs to talk about where he is — not what he thinks everyone else is doing. I think 2 years is standard and a good amount of time.