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Wot chi nu kai matchmaking

May 12, 4 Tankmas is here! Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai. However it is not impossible. March 25, by Nya. Its a tank after all and those arent designed to look good. Only a few tanks of this model. Welcome everybody but English discussion only.

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Prefered matchmaking tanks you want to buy a premium prfeered. Does anyone have a list of which tanks. Ram ii matchmaking - Prakard. Will it have preferential matchmaking?. Chi-Nu Kai feels Tish,.

Type 3 Chi Nu Kai...is it any good?

Will get the Chi Nu Kai, and the rest of the Japanese tanks. Churchill 3 and Chi Nu Kai comparing because of similar matchmaking. The awkward, yet oddly charming appearance left me a bit unsure as to how to treat it. Was it a swift medium to be driven up the flanks, or a sniper seated behind the first line of resistance? Before I took it into battle, I noted the Chi-Nu Kai's high level of hit points for a medium, and the relatively low hull armor, as well as the top speed of I resolved to treat this tank as a slower, slightly better-armored Wolverine, and utilize the good turret traverse and high fire rate of twelve rounds per minute to provide second-line support.

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I cannot recommend highly enough purchasing at least one of these beauties. While the top speed was not impressive, I was impressed with how quickly the Chi-Nu reached it and even maintained it on hills and rough terrain. The power-to-weight ratio is excellent, and the gun, when it penetrated, hit hard.

The Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai: Easy to Learn, Hard to Master

Undaunted, I resolved to try again on El Halluf, where I utilized cover and played second-line support, peeking over hills and rapidly repositioning over rough terrain. I managed to score a victory, my first of the day, earning a Second Class Mastery Badge, 1, XP and 33, Credits, having fired none of my seven gold rounds affordable for 2, If you get a piece of anybody, this tank is an excellent Credit earner, and boasts one of the most powerful tier V guns.

He is not bad.

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Neurotic Cell 6 Posted 27 March - Very good gun, poor armor, lackluster speed, tall target, best used at range as a support gun, can have big games. It is capable tank that can have very good games for a T5 tank. El Materdor43 8 Posted 27 March - Play it at distance and punish reds with the gun. I have a Pools in mine.

WoT Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai (skin) 9 frags - Studzianki

ACS 10 Posted 27 March - Good pen, but lackluster shell velocity on the standard rounds, iirc. When I play it not often I go in knowing if I play too aggressively I can get in trouble very quickly. Or change your mind and yell about it". Playing as TD as mentioned above is one of your best options Is it worth the good as a Japanese trainer?

They seem to be pretty poor premium tank wise.

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  • Chi nu kai matchmaking.
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Or is the te ke a good enough trainer? JanneVee23 14 Posted 27 March -