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An acronym for "in real life. For example, "I like your hat photo. Let's meet up IRL. The unexpected, funny, adorable or otherwise charming backstory of how a couple met for the first time. This phrase is associated with an action on many dating apps. To swipe right means to indicate interest or attraction in a person.

On some dating apps, users are shown a photo and given two basic options; swipe right to like a user, swipe left to move on. While not all dating apps use the swipe function, most have a similar function allowing users to immediately say yes or no to a potential match.

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Sliding into DMs has become a subtle way to flirt online. DM is the abbreviation for direct message — a way to privately reach someone you follow on social media. The phrase can be modified to match its use: And then there's "sliding into DMs like" which is the meme form of the term. Submarining, a newly named trend , begins when someone with whom you have romantic involvement, ghosts — or disappears from your life without notice — only to resurface, with no apology and acts as if no time had passed. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player.

From 'Bae' To 'Submarining,' The Lingo Of Online Dating The new ways to flirt, date and find love mean new lingo to describe the adventures — or misadventures — of online dating. This person either asked the original question or started the discussion. PG P roduct G roup. An event for invited guests to participate in an online discussion with members of a Microsoft product group, such as Active Directory or SharePoint. PII consists of any data that can be traced back to a unique individual, or could be used to compromise an individual or organization.

Examples include email addresses, phone numbers, or credit card numbers. This also includes network configuration information, like domain names or IP addresses. PM P rogram M anager. PoC P roof o f C oncept. PP P ublic P review. A beta version of software that is ready to be released as the final product if there are no unexpected problems. See Software release life cycle.

RD R egional D irector. See Who are the Microsoft Regional Directors? Software ready to be delivered. A Software Assurance benefit. Option to receive 18 months mainstream production support and a new version every six months. Also S mall and M edium B usinesses. See Licensing options for service providers. TechNet Tech nical Net work. A web portal for IT professionals. A library of information about Microsoft technologies inspired by Wikipedia, written by the community for the community.

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A partner that is approved by Microsoft and has been hired or authorized by a company to integrate a software application that they own into Microsoft software. Feedback you enter on your own, for example through the Windows Feedback App. A classification of MVP's. Glossary of Technology Acronyms Wiki: A pplications and S ervices G roup.

The Health Care Law's 10 Essential Benefits

A ssessment and P lanning Ex perience, a Microsoft sales program. B usiness D ecision M aker. C ontent D elivery N etwork. C ertificate o f A uthenticity.

Ghosting, Caspering and six new dating terms you've never heard of

C ustomer P artner E xperience. C ommunity P rogram M anager. C ustomer SAT isfaction. C ustomer S ervice and S upport. C umulative U pdate. D elegated A dministrative P rivileges. D istribution L ist. D evice P artner C enter. D ata T ransports and S ecurity team.

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E urope, M iddle E east, and A frica. E nabling P latform E xperience. E mployee R esource G roup. F ull- P ackage P roduct. F ull T ime E quivalent. G eneral A vailability. I nformation T echnology D ecision M aker. L ocal N amed O riginal E quipment M ufacturer. L ong- T erm S ervicing C hannel. The emergency visit is already covered under most plans.

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But under the reform law, emergency room visits do not require preauthorization, and you cannot be charged extra for an out-of-network visit. Many plans don't cover mental or behavioral health services, but that will change under the law. In some states, though, coverage may be limited to a set number of therapy visits per year. Under the law, your insurer must cover your hospitalization, though you may have to pay 20 percent of the bill or more if you haven't reached your out-of-pocket limit.

This year, medical costs will help bankrupt , American households — including many who thought they had decent insurance until diagnosed with a serious illness. If you are injured or become ill, many plans today cover rehabilitation therapies to relieve pain and help you regain your ability to speak, walk or work. The plans often cover medical equipment, too, including canes, knee braces, walkers and wheelchairs.

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Few plans, however, address the reform law's essential requirement for "habilitative" services, which are therapies to help overcome long-term disabilities, such as those that accompany a disease like multiple sclerosis. Many experts believe this benefit could help rein in the nation's rising medical costs. The idea is to get people to see doctors and make healthier choices before they get sick and run up medical bills. For example, you may be allowed a free "wellness visit" annually with your doctor to discuss your health. Beyond that, the law instructs insurers to provide all of the 50 preventive services recommended by the U.

Preventive Services Task Force at no extra cost. While the law codifies the full set of preventive screening tests — including prostate exams and Pap smears — that individual and small-group insurers must cover, you can still be billed for "diagnostic" tests that doctors order when you have symptoms of disease. Under the law, children under age 19 will be able to get their teeth cleaned twice a year, as well as receive X-rays, fillings and medically necessary orthodontia.

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In addition, children under age 19 will be entitled to an eye exam and one pair of glasses or set of contact lenses a year. Relatively few health plans cover children's dental or vision services today. The law classifies prenatal care as a preventive service that must be provided at no extra cost.

And it requires insurers to cover childbirth as well as the newborn infant's care. These maternity benefits are a welcome breakthrough for young people, as two-thirds of individual plans have traditionally excluded this type of coverage. Save on eye exams, prescription drugs, hearing aids and more.