Dota 2 matchmaking difficulty

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I see so many highly positive players which is good , but who get free wins because they are put vs F behaviour score players, who usually consists of either drunken Russians or account buyers. They deserve it, don't they? They are F for a reason and positive attitude should be encouraged. But it shouldn't be encouraged at the cost of actual skills.

I am F myself. The reason I got here wasn't because I was bad. I was simply just flaming the lvl 24 accounts who had over 5 MMr and played like they were ks. It couldn't be any more obvious than this. And of course, they reported me. And I have noticed the same is true for many other F behaviour score players. They are really, really good. A bit hot-tempered perhaps, but really good. When I get these on my team, I don't even notice I'm in the "hidden pool" min queuing time. These players should be in the normal match making pool, as they aren't game ruiners people who feed on purpose or anything like that.

They are just tryhards who either got reported too many times by the enemy, or by their own account buying teammates. And yes, this is real. I thought to myself to hold in all my frustration and just play like a gentleman. And I managed to reach C behaviour class, starting from F. Then, my teammates suddenly improved generally speaking. Still some low-class players. I could play and make combos with them, something which never worked with my account buying teammates.

But what happens next? I get reports? And I have a 48 hour chat ban? The enemy had reported me for harassment, which is the only reportable offense. Not because I was toxic in any way, but because I was the mvp of every game.

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Something needs to be done about this Last edited by Gargamel ; 10 Nov, 3: Showing 1 - 15 of 23 comments. We got a Bingo! Originally posted by The Tilted Wisp:. I don't know how it works in the lower brackets, but in the higher brackets, where there are fewer total players, this gets quite obvious. One day I may be on a winstreak. During the first few games, my teammates are good. I play with people who won their previous games and against people who lost their previous games.

New Dota 2 Matchmaking System Overview - How To Play Dota 2 -

At this point my enemy often consists of premuted players. That's why it's so easy. The next few matches, I still win. But my team is remarkably worse. And then comes the losing streak. Doesn't matter if I quit for the day and play again tomorrow. These people aren't even human. And simultaneously as my own team gets worse, the enemy gets better and better. Often my teammates at this point consists of several premuted players, who loses the games for me again.

The key to reset this, I've noticed, is often LP. I get sent there. But when I'm out again, my winstreaks begin again. An endless loop of repeat. It also tries to separe you from the reported enemies, so they get put in a game with someone else. This way, people who are truly bad and boosted, will fall. That's the logical assumption to make. There was a work around posted in reddit before. The best way to currently check your difficulty bracket: Run Dota2 and open watch tab Select Recent games Press Filter button Write your nickname Select skill level low, mid or high This way you can see which of your recent games have been in low, mid or high skill bracket.

I don't think it's a very good idea, since Dota2 can't correctly guess match skill levels. Checking first few pages with very high skill level resulted in short 25min at most boring matches. Meaning it was one sided to the extent that a team was averagely levels higher than the other: For what's it worth, the difficulty bracket is the only way to track your progress at the moment well there's the DotaBuffRating.

MMR Difficulties :: Dota 2 General Discussions

And better players do end up in the higher brackets. But unfortunately a significant portion of Dota2 matches end up being one-sided.

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  5. This no longer works After you have played 1 match you can open the ingame console and type the following: Furthermore there is information how stable your ranking is: Those get lower the more matches you play. It increases the accuracy of the rank.


    Kotsu 9, 9 57 Wandang Wandang 2, 3 24 Note that the table is specifically for what the rating distribution was like in normal matchmaking, and Valve expects ranked matchmaking to yield a different distribution. When I posted this question there was no clear answer. Now, that valve have implemented the new MM system I feel that it should be closed. Thank you for your input. Valve just now disabled this way of getting your mmr before playing 10 matches. According to sources , the way to do it is: Therefore it's no longer possible.

    Simon Simon 1 4 If and when Valve decides to add a public skill ranking system, you'll know.

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    It's been removed to stop people being elitist over their "skill" level. The function is removed in the API, also since the last patch this website doesn't really work correctly. Tbh I'm not surprised by this. Pubstats still shows the games above high and normal though, but I assume this is old cached data. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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