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Oct 27, Nina rated it really liked it Shelves: Brilliant fic of course because RemainNameless is Queen - characterization, writing and development are in a class all by themselves as usual. However, my second read wasn't quite as profoundly fulfilling as my first one because of one tiny fact that I, in my shameless gushing excitement, managed to completely overlook back in Stiles is a moron.

I would pay big bucks to see those porn videos as actual, you know, porn videos. Oct 12, Rosa, really rated it really liked it Shelves: I'd like a mathematician to calculate the chances of a bunch of high school friends all becoming porn stars in college. Okay, okay, to be fair there's no mention of anyone but Stiles and Scott knowing each other before college.

And it is a story not reality But more important than that is Stiles poppin' Derek's butt cherry , oh yeah Little slow in the beginning, but it picks up and becomes really enjoyable, especially with the, you know, butt virginity and everything. For tho I'd like a mathematician to calculate the chances of a bunch of high school friends all becoming porn stars in college.

For those of you who do not enjoy reading about Derek and Stiles sleeping with other people which is usually me but for some reason I don't have a problem with hookers and porn stars--I just despise when they like or love other people , here's some spoilers about that-- view spoiler [If I remember correctly there are two scenes where Derek and Stiles fuck someone while making porn--on both occasions they're paying more attention to each other than their partners. Not in a "oh baby, it turns me on to see you with other dudes" but more in a observing the others' technique.

It's sexier than that sounds though. Also, once Stiles and Derek sleep together both of them feel sick at the thought of sleeping with other people and don't from that point on.

See a Problem?

View all 5 comments. And I will admit that there was some major hotness happening. But when there was no nookie happening there were feelings being spilled all about the place. Dark angsty low self esteem feelings. The 'Why doesn't he love me? Now I like me a bit of angst, in fact I love it, but all the crossed wires and the not talking about stuff FOR. It was all kinds of hot when they weren't vomiting feelz all over the gaff though!

View all 6 comments. Apr 03, Smith Barney rated it liked it Shelves: Meh-not one of the better ones. It has some slippery moments. I'll just press a partial edited replay of my previous Worst Thing I Ever Did review and once again reiterate this has the potential to be some addicting junk-food entertainment. In my No Homo review I related it to a bag of Cheetos.

My original analysis stands firm.

Unfortunately because I don't do anything half-way, I didn't stop at just one bag of Cheetos. I gorged on this junk-filled-shit for days. Those unfamiliar, this is Meh-not one of the better ones. Stiles character is a snarky cutie-patootie-slice-of-homemade-apple-pie goodness while Derek is the town's resident-brooding-walking-sex-god-of-a-werewolf.. If nothing else-I am positive some of these fanfic writers could easily pimp out their sex scenes and make a f'ing killing.

Because man-can they bring it.. The writing has a sarcastic wit and bite lending it satiric-comedy flair. The writing at times runs amok.. Time for a break View all 4 comments. Jan 02, Nico Jaye rated it it was amazing. I was so skeptical, but of course I ended up reading it during those breaks in holiday madness. It's definitely not perfect, and it's not going to be everyone's cuppa.

However, it was sweet, funny, hot, cute, ridiculous, and yeah There's a Big Misunderstanding, so if that's not your thing, maybe it's best to avoid it. Happy new year to me! Sterek started it off with a bang. Dec 24, Rachel marked it as sterek-read.

Premise is the cast of TW does porn. Honestly am I the only one that noticed the similarities between this fic and this: I couldn't get the comparisons out of my head and everyone was totally OOC. There were some steamy sex scenes, but not enough substance to keep me engaged. I am very hit and miss with this author though.

View all 14 comments. Take heed - this is an enemies to lovers trope and more serious than what the blurb would lead you to believe especially when it starts with the word "pornstars".

Derek is the ultimate professional and prides himself on said professionalism. He's cool as a cucumber until Stiles inevitably ruffles his feathers. Derek is a closed off, egotistic but secretly wounded and insecure workaholic. He's definitely justified because he's the most popular performer. Stiles is a smug little bastard who doesn Take heed - this is an enemies to lovers trope and more serious than what the blurb would lead you to believe especially when it starts with the word "pornstars".

Stiles is a smug little bastard who doesn't know when to shut it off. Both try to prove a point. When contract specifics bring these two together - get ready to fan yourself. But of course there has to be conflict. The thought of working to prove his worth to Stiles He can't force Derek to be more with him. There's nosy pack members and an abundance of Hale family meddling. And of course plenty of smex - lots of it - I promise.

View all 22 comments. Nov 02, Elle Beasee rated it really liked it. I fucking loved this. Entertaining, brilliantly written, witty and oozing such bubbling emotional STUFF that made me all warm and fuzzy. Oh, the angst, the PORN, the whole fucking thing. God, even just the fucking My brain, heart and soul have just melted into sweet oblivion. The only thing left is this rambling, nonsensical review.

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Wed 09 Jan I had no idea I could be into daddy kink this much! I read the first chapters of this story holding my breath and happily recommended it to all my darker fare loving friends. Unfortunately, as soon as the canon material was introduced and Derek entered the stage, the story spiraled into sap, weirdness, a lack of asshole-factor and became a chore to finish. Still, 5 stars for the first so-wrong-so-damn-right chapters. I can see myself rereading those when the mood strikes.

Dating Backwards

I challenge you to do the same. It was a revelation. It was so wrong, but jesus, so HOT. I agree with you that the story faltered after the very strong opening. The first third is compelling, uncomfortable and unputdownable or it would be if that was a word! I wanted that moment, darn it. I was so disappointed in that part as well. But, god, those first chapters I can definitely see myself revisiting.