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I'd rep u OP, but I'm in the red.

Originally Posted by Metalhead Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory.

what are some good online dating websites?

Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me. I banged a girl from 2 Your thread is invalid. The Bigfoot Girl The reason she's the bigfoot girl is because bigfoot and her have 1 thing in common - neither one of them have a clear picture of themselves. You'll never be able to tell because she always has an excuse not to send you a pic. Also has the highest potential to be a catfish.

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Originally Posted by Wrench7. The Hidden Pregnancy Girl This chick seems to have all the right values, morals, personality, and a career of some sort. The girls at least take it semi seriously. POF is the worst. Originally Posted by brotatobrah.

Originally Posted by popsikles. Is OKC also free? I'm willing to pay for a membership if it is. It seems as if nobody is interested in actually dating.

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I read through profiles, talk to the girl about something in her profile, a conversation gets going and I ask if they would like to go out sometime. And then it's like I've completely lost them. What is the point of being on these sites if you are not actually interested in dating? Should I just throw some fake pics and lie in my profile to get dates?

Does anybody have success on these things? And I don't get how everybody says Asians are easy; every one of them I chat up wants nothing to do with me.

Originally Posted by stonesfan Originally Posted by psychosylocibin. Where the phuck have you been the past 5 years? I've had ton's of success through online dating. Nearly ever girl I get their number, I end up meeting.

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Do not ask them on the dating app for a date. Get their number first. Chat her up a bit over text, call them and talk to her, then ask her out. Take your time building a connection and your success will go way up. If you are doing it right, they will ask you first or hint that they want to meet you. Attraction and keeping the girl chasing you - http: In my experience, it's way easier to ask them out on a date AFTER chatting them up quickly on the phone.

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