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Libra loves it when people do things for them, whether it is picking up their dry-cleaning or the bill at dinner. In fact, if given a choice, Libra will usually let someone else do the dirty work or the heavy lifting, even if they really ought to be doing it themselves.

But while Libra often justifies this behaviour, they don't learn anything, grow or become stronger through pampering. Don't ask for advice or help the moment you have something to do. Instead, assume you are entirely capable of doing it all by yourself, and when you ask for help, request assistance, not for someone to do it for you - there's a difference. Scorpio appears the embodiment of strength, but behind the shiny armor is a soft spirit who dreams of love. According to Ms Fox, this is it's weakness: Scorpio can often become a slave to love.

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Like all matters concerning Scorpio, everything is better in moderation. Extreme emotion doesn't necessarily mean extreme circumstances. Love doesn't have to hurt, nor does it have to come all at once. Know that you're worth being loved as deeply as you love.

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Sagittarius is a wanderer, but in the modern world where you're expected to have a career, a marriage, a mortgage and follow the beat of a common drum, Sagittarius' lack of commitment makes it easy to drop everything. When the going gets tough, Sagittarius gets going, and with their curiosity and open-mindedness, they have no shortage of destinations,' Ms Fox said. Unfortunately, this also means leaving behind those who relied on and trusted them, only to start all over again, hoping it's all laid at their feet and never, ever boring. Try to look take a step back from the stressful situation and analyse it objectively.

Is there a story in it, a universal lesson? Sagittarius eventually tires of starting all over again somewhere else and wants to be recognised for the wisdom and experience they have gained, which means sticking around to gain credibility.

Capricorn keeps a stiff upper lip and always knows what is appropriate - they're in it for the long haul, slowly and steadily creating their empire. It's okay to have human weaknesses and desires and for others to know about them. Meditation or some other pursuit that allows Capricorn to learn more about themselves can make them less likely to see external validation or worry about appearing a certain way to others. Future-minded Aquarius doesn't let the dust gather and has little patience for the conventional.

Not everyone can coolly distance themselves from their otherwise passionate debate, thus leaving others confused and angry with Aquarius who just thinks it's a friendly conversation.

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An Aquarius with a major focus in life is one less likely to waste energy on empty rebellion. If Aquarius wants to mellow out, they can learn to focus this energy on things that really matter, and not to take the bait whenever it's presented.

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Gentle Pisces is spiritual, humanitarian and sometimes the emotional dumpster of the zodiac. Pisces finds both comfort and discomfort in pity, for themselves and for others, as if events outside themselves reflect who they actually are. Their need to help and sympathise with others, however, can lead them to taking in too many stray cats literally and figuratively because they're afraid to say no to anyone. Realise that no one is thinking about your feelings as much as you're thinking about theirs and that if everyone else can have healthy boundaries, so can you, and you're not responsible for anyone else's emotions, as no one is responsible for yours.

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The Astrologer by Kelli Fox. Share or comment on this article: Your biggest weakness based on your star sign - and how to overcome it e-mail Comments Share what you think. Bing Site Web Enter search term: An in-house gym, Westlife wall, vast Buddha and a sprawling wardrobe Star, 33, 'seen sharing a kiss and dancing the salsa with Irish actor Jack McEvoy, 24' Bohemian Rhapsody star Malek's brother lives quiet life as teacher Chapter 3 trailer sees leading man Keanu Reeves on the run in New York as Halle Berry joins the cast for anticipated sequel Kyle Richards enjoys a wild karaoke party to mark her 50th with sister Kathy Hilton and Lisa Rinna Golden Girls star gets greeting from 'ex-boyfriend' Ryan Reynolds as her birthday wish is 'for Robert Redford to call' Joel Edgerton cuts a stylish figure as he attends a Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris without Vogue editor girlfriend Christine Centenera Alexa PenaVega reveals she's expecting her second child with husband Carlos and the calls the family 'beyond blessed' Kourtney Kardashian bundles up in black as she reunites with Justin Bieber at church Mariah Carey's ex PA says she is 'traumatized' by singer's claims of extortion as she fires back with her own lawsuit accusing the star of battery and racial discrimination Rihanna is ready to take her fashion line to the next level by launching a 'luxury house' with famed LVMH Kim Kardashian shares adorable filtered snaps of daughter Chicago after facial treatment So cute Irina Shayk's daughter Lea toddles along beside her as they brave the freezing temperatures to visit the zoo in New York Louise Redknapp looks relaxed as she enjoys a 'light workout' after dropping out of 9 To 5 following a 'nasty fall' that left her with 10 stitches Reese Witherspoon's lesson on how to communicate with teenagers: Use Snapchat to tell them 'go clean your dirty room' Nina Dobrev says it's not 'weird' that she's friends with ex Ian Somerhalder and his wife Nikki Reed RHOC's Alexa Curtin spent the night in jail following arrest for drug possession Demi Rose takes a walk on the wild side in busty tiger-print string bikini and eye-popping thong bottoms during sunkissed shoot Rita Ora turns heads in VERY quirky outfit as she dons jumper with large chest cut-outs Pink Champagne, a Chanel cake and a renewed friendship Broly is released in cinemas across the US Home and Away's Ada Nicodemou, 41, finally admits to getting a boob job - as she slams 'body shaming' trolls Bandaged Louise Redknapp conceals 'painful' chin wound for lingerie-clad pub night out Expert claims that the Duchess' wrinkled wardrobe is down to a poor We take multiple factors into account to match you with that perfect someone.

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