Dating and courtship gods way

The interest stage is where you accept you are interested in someone, but now need to find a way to see if they are interested in you. You see a young lady who is very attractive to you, loves Jesus, and is single.

Dating and courting god's way

Your friends with a good looking guy, who is committed to Christ, and he has a job! I know with Natasha, I was interested in her for a few months before I messaged her for the first time. In the interest stage you have to trust God for the guy to take the next step to communicate he is interested. The pursuing stage is where a boy becomes a man.

Yes, ladies I know you want a man, but you have to be patient as God develops him from his childish ways into the man God desires for him to be. I was very nervous when it came time to tell Natasha I wanted to get to know her more.

Dating, Courtship, and Marriage - Paul Washer

My pastor and two best friends had to really motivate me past fear to communicate that to her. The fear of rejection is real, and some guys just settle for games, which is why you need to wait until he gets the courage to tell you his intentions. The pursuing stage is very challenging for some men because it is the stage which requires the most communication. The most attractive thing to a man of God is a woman who stands her ground with boundaries. It is very easy to get caught up in a guys actions before he communicates his intentions.

Once I overcame my fear of communicating my intentions to Natasha, and she accepted to move forward then a overwhelming confidence came over me. From then on I was confident as I pursued her trusting God to lead me. The courting stage is where there has been an establishment of a committed relationship with the end of goal of marriage. Our courting stage involved some of our most supernatural events.

Dating and Courtship God's Way

From me meeting her family to her meeting mines, we both really enjoyed this time as we got to know one another better in a committed relationship. There are many more details that can go into this stage, but I want to keep it short and sweet. Prayer is essential during this stage because you want to make sure the relationship is being steered by God. Establishing boundaries is very key due to now you are committed to one another, and the thoughts of getting physical will come. This stage is all about learning one another, more than touching one another.

As with Isaac, we are His sons and daughters. Oh, as for the servant who knew the heart of the father, the Holy Ghost lives within us leading and guiding us to all truth. My God, a divine connection! When we become saturated and engulfed with a passionate desire to please Him, our desire becomes or shall I say is His desire. The Holy Spirit is in us creating a desire towards that which pleases the Father. God has a mandate on earth written from heaven that only the two of you together can fulfill to get the optimal results.

I always say, as I learned from a mentor of mines Dr. Myles Munroe some 18 years ago, that where purpose is not known abuse is inevitable. So, before entering into courtship, do a little homework first. Then find out your own individual purpose.

Courtship vs Dating

It is the discovering of it that qualifies you for your mate. Love Him with your whole heart, your whole soul and your whole body. Because God is love, as we fall head over hills in love with Him, He will teach us how to love, honor and respect each other. This type of love can only be manifested in those that are in Him.

Because they are without Christ — meaning they have no head. They have no governing authority. This is why they can treat you any kind of way and have no real conviction. Since courtship is designed to lead to marriage, this is a perfect time to get your house in order. Work on your character and your integrity. Understand the significance of covenant keeping.

In the Old Hebrew, almost every decision made was ratified by a covenant. So, since courtship is designed to lead to marriage, make sure that you are ready to make this kind of commitment. However, let me leave you with this, courtship can be seen as embodying three phases. The first is friendship; the second is the relationship itself; and the third is the engagement.

5 Stages of A Relationship Done God’s Way

You say, but how do I start? If you happen to meet someone and the both of you feel like there is a divine connection, seek God for clarity. I would suggest that the both of you fast until you get a word or a true peace from God. Then as you begin your courtship, take your time and develop a real friendship first.

It is upon this friendship that you will build your relationship. Powered by Facebook Comments. And it penetrates the Spirit, well it did for mine. Your email address will not be published. Here are a few other points I feel are vital to mention in regards to this subject. Understanding Covenant Since courtship is designed to lead to marriage, this is a perfect time to get your house in order.

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