Signs of dating a con artist

I immediately went to the Boca Raton Police Department and unsuccessfully pleaded with them to help me. I realized I would have to build the case on my own. I recorded Eric talking about the price and origin of the gold he had sold me and my son, as well as the gold he supposedly was going to sell to my daughter. I hired a private investigator and contacted the FBI who referred me to the Secret Service, which handles cases involving counterfeiting. Unlike the Boca Raton police, the Secret Service agent who answered my call took my case very seriously and began an investigation into Eric and his scams.

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From there, I started to connect the dots with what little information I had. First, I searched for the beautiful house with the putting green using Google Earth and public records and learned that it belonged to a woman named Jennifer not her real name. I then googled her name and a picture of her with Eric immediately surfaced. A few days later, I called Jennifer and told her that I had slept in her house, ridden in what I was now almost certain was her Ferrari, and that I was in possession of what I suspected were two of her paintings. I begged her not to confront Eric for fear that he would disappear before we could have him arrested.

However, she was so enraged that she told him everything she had learned from me and left him stranded in Naples, Florida, where they had been spending the weekend.

6 Signs Your Man Is a Con Artist

Neither of us ever saw him again after that: Eric was gone and my money was gone with him. The following day, Jennifer and I met and I learned that she had been in a relationship with Eric for three years, two of which overlapped with my relationship with him. All of this was to bolster his claim that he was an art dealer and a businessman.

Eric used these checks to further convince me that he truly was as wealthy and successful as he claimed he was. By that point, I already knew he was a con man and was just biding my time while coming up with my plan of action.

Signs You're Dating A Con Artist Who Will Catfish You

They made flyers with his photo and information about him and posted them at all of the locations I noted. The PI even traveled to other states to follow potential leads in order to track him down, but Eric was nowhere to be found. After a short pursuit on foot, he was apprehended and later charged with grand theft, scheme to defraud and being a fugitive from justice. He is currently incarcerated at the Palm Beach County Main Detention Center where he awaits prosecution in Florida as well as extradition to California to be tried for his crimes there.

Whether we were out to dinner, dancing, playing tennis or just chatting, we always had a good time. I still feel physically ill when I think of his callousness. Just a few weeks ago, I received a call from the white-collar crime detective who was initially assigned to my case. Who knows how many others might eventually come forward?

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I try not to judge myself too harshly or obsess over how easily I was fooled. Opening doors, dancing with maturity, firmly gripping hands that feel a little too comfortable.

Sharing warmth, words, and water with that person become so randomly symbolic and meaningful—I mean, who else would you want to experience it with in that moment? Mentions of insecurities become the easiest target, as they make themselves align with your insecurities. The curveball will square your jaw.

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Their words become as vacant as their heart. Even after time passes, the answers for closure all concur back to the day you initially broke up, making it all too familiarized. And no one wants that. No one expects that. Nothing terrifies me more than being so close to someone and then watching them become a stranger again. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday.

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