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How Often Do You Text in a New Relationship?

Quite honestly, if they're not interested then what do you want to bother with them? Originally Posted by mortensorchid. Originally Posted by ChessPieceFace.

OP I would just wait whatever amount of time you think is right, send an honest message IMO probably this evening making conversation and asking to see him again, and not act too desperate or worry too much about the whole thing. How about honesty instead of head games? Maybe it's too much to hope for. When you get home from a first date you should send a "thank you" text like 30 min later, assuming you haven't heard from him.

Then the ball is firmly in his court after that. Stop worrying and just text him. If he isn't interested, he already isn't interested. But if he is, and you text him, that's a good thing. I can't believe people worry about this stuff. If you want to talk to him, then initiate contact. Originally Posted by veggirl. What if it doesn't work out?

Ah, but what if it does. Not to derail the thread, but quick question: Sometimes just ignore that text, just happy to receive it and know they had a nice time. Sometimes I reply back with something like, "happy to hear it. I personally don't like texts.

The Unspoken 48-Hour Rule

Or is it better to reply? What should one say to keep things short? Archive Advertise with us. Her relaying of the opinions of others made me think of something I said recently in a column I had written: Email this to a friend. Employed and Depressed 2 years ago. DrunkCartographer 2 years ago. CarlStanley 2 years ago.

The Hour Texting Rule! - David Wygant

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Donna Pinciotti 2 years ago. Bobby Big Wheels 2 years ago. RachelGreen 2 years ago. NurseJackie 2 years ago. P some guys need to take a few days or whatever to ease up a bit so that they don't respond to the girl right away and start saying the stupidest shit that comes to their mind and scare her off. Girls say it's a dumb rule because they hate waiting. But guys have found out, often to their cost, that if you call too early she won't value you or respect you because you seem too needy and desperate and if you wait too long, she won't entertain you because she values and respects herself not to spend time on you.

Optimally, you wait 3 days. The girls don't like it, but most men have found out that the 3 day waiting period gives you the best chance of success in the relationship. I went out with a girl last night. Dinner, after dinner drinks, etc. It's clear we like each other and want to go out again.

If you like someone and you're sure they like you back, it's not desperate to reach out the next day. It just makes sense to continue communicating.