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Roberts' parachute opened normally, and he floated to the ground, the investigation found. Things were "falling into place for us," she said. Nicholas Roberts married his wife, Whitney, just under a year before his fatal jump on April 28, So on a whim she drove to the drop zone to watch, even though it was so dark she couldn't really see anything. She heard the planes fly overhead, but since it was a tactical exercise that would keep him busy all night she went home, thinking nothing was wrong. She didn't hear from him before going to sleep, but she knew he wasn't one to pull his phone out when he wasn't supposed to.

Whitney Roberts said the reports' implication her husband made a mistake has been hard to accept, given what she knows of his attention to detail. He was extremely professional" she said of his tendency to follow the rules. She described him as intelligent with a dry sense of humor. In the investigation, a witness said they shared a couple of "chuckles" during their interaction that evening. She said she and friends ribbed him for being "and old man" and called him "very wise.

Away from the Army, she said he had an artistic side: He sang and played guitar. She has set up a GoFundMe page to establish a music scholarship in Nicholas' name at his high school. According to the , upper tie-down tape wasn't routed from bottom to top, as it should have been. The adjusting strap was not secured with excess stowed, and it had 4 inches of slack rather than the maximum of 1 inch. And while the leg strap was on, it was not tightened prior to exit per standard procedure.

Paratrooper's bad exit from plane led to his death; jumpmasters admonished

The investigation noted it's common for soldiers to walk around with the leg strap loose for comfort, but that it's supposed to be tightened when soldiers stand up to leave the aircraft. Malone could not comment on the XVIII Corps investigation, but said there are multiple occasions during jumps where gear is inspected for safety.

Instead they were at a meeting with the jump's airborne commander at that officer's request while the departure airfield control officer conducted it in their absence. Roberts did not attend the MAWC rigging class. A soldier should not move on to the next stage unless his leaders deem him ready.

Other directives stemming from the response to the incident, according to a "Notification of Compliance" provided to Army Times, include:. Courtesy of Whitney Roberts. Especially given how data intensive cameras can be. Unlike Nest, these cameras do not record 24x7. No cable or DSL lines have that kind of uplink speed for households. Just sending motion to the cloud is great as long your motion detection algorithms are excellent -- which they are on this Ring device. The mounting bracket design is fantastic and very flexible. See pictures for various ways I installed the cameras outside the house.

Setup is a breeze. Motion Zones - They make setting up motion zones easy. You simply draw a shape. You can adjust the shape to go around trees so they don't trigger motion alerts on windy days. If the shape becomes too complex, you can simply set up a 2nd and 3rd motion zone. This is all done from the app and takes 20 seconds to do. App - It is well thought out. It's all you'll need to manage multiple devices. Make sure to go to the main menu and select the option for 'New Features'.

Here you can activate some functionality that isn't on by default. The attached pic of the three camera views on one screen is an example of this new functionality 8.

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The cloud package is fantastic. I have 6 outdoor, 3 indoor and one door bell. If you want to use this product, the first thing Ring will ask for when you start the app is your address. That's where I stopped. I don't need to tell Ring where I live or any other personal information. Buried deep in their website they say they need to know so they can "find the right Ring neighborhood for you" but there is no method to opt-out of this requirement to create an account and use the device. In short, it was not the camera - it was my router.

Ring contacted me not once but twice wanting to help me with my lack of movement sensitivity. I thought the last thing I want to do is talk with customer service - any customer service. I think I even read a review or two that Ring customer service was "bad". So I ignored the first email. A second one came that read like they sincerely wanted to help me. With a heavy sigh I set up an appointment knowing full well I'd done everything possible to trouble shoot already and assuming this would be a complete waste of time. Well I was completely wrong. Even though I have one of the best routers on the market - Jason Ring Customer Service was able to tell on his end that the data transfer rate just wasn't fast enough.

The signal was going through too much house.

Review, save and share your videos.

Just now, to test this I used a 50 foot long Cat7 cable and put the router in the middle of the house and suddenly the camera works just exactly as it should. Jason was a wealth of knowledge, he was a wealth of ideas that I hadn't though of I won't say what I do for a living - but I "think" I know all there is to know about computers and technology. I'm 53 years old and I've never had such a positive customer service experience possibly partly because I avoid customer service like the plague AND now I know the issue is not the camera - its the distance from the router and the amount of house the signal has to penetrate - which I can correct.

The slowness was causing gaps and a delay in triggering motion. And it's not just his theory. I just proved it to be true. Jason, if you're reading this - outstanding job!!! Now that my issue is resolved I'll probably pick up some more ring cameras. My goal is complete coverage of the outside of the house. I used to have a few inside D-Link cameras. They have all been disconnected and removed. I got to thinking, if the bad guy is looking at one of my D-Link cameras - he's already in the house and my family is already in danger.

Better to have outside Ring cameras and avoid the break-in altogether. I would like to see some sort of Ring mount extension.

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  • It would be something like a foot and half long and the normal mount would mount to this extension allowing you clear some obstacle and see around a corner. It would be made of aluminum and have a three point mount that would be no wider at the base than a normal sized front porch post. It would come in white or black and be priced reasonably. Three points at the base for stability.

    Paratrooper's bad exit from plane led to his death; jumpmasters admonished

    Think about the arms you see cameras hanging from that are mounted on a pole. I put movement in quotes because just turning on the porch light or a car driving by and the headlights sweeping across the yard will trigger an alert with sensitivity set to medium and the motion detection area set for only about half of the front yard the half closest to the house.

    I installed this new one above the patio and under the second story deck.