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Added the ability for new users to edit their profile information - before they have been approved by the administrator 3. Added face recognition mechanism to onboarding 4.

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Added swipe actions to chase list. Swiping the chase list makes quick and ez to view remove people and view profiles. I liked the idea of this app but did not have many matches in my area. It also seems to be glitchy. I have not been able to use it for months so if I got any more matches I wouldn't know.

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I meet the love of my life on this app, please give it a shot. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

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Description Cut to the Chase CTTC is a social dating platform that eliminates the complexities of finding people you are interested in; so you can quickly and easily connect, converse and meet! The days of essay-length profile pages and months of back and forth messaging are numbered. At least that's what the developers of the new dating apps are counting on.

There is no messaging system. Users choose which nights they're free for a date and are then presented with pictures and short descriptions, one candidate per screen. They can swipe left to pass on a person or right to express interest, a feature the Tinder dating app pioneered.

Cut to the Chase (CTTC) is a social dating platform

If they find a "match" when both people swipe right , Whim sets them up on a date. Based on the users' location and availability, the app tells them when and where their date will happen.

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Phone numbers are exchanged in case either person needs to change plans. Clover, a full-featured online dating app, recently added On-Demand Dating, similar to what Whim has planned. Arranging a date will be as easy as ordering "a pizza or a cab," said Clover Chief Executive Isaac Raichyk.

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Clover's researchers found that users suffered the same online dating fatigue Peters described: They invested time and emotions upfront, only to be disappointed to see their digital dream in the flesh. Getting the whole 'Hey, let's meet up' stuff out of the way upfront is a huge psychological icebreaker for people.

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Eli Finkel, social psychology professor at Northwestern University , said the direct approach to online dating reduces the chances of people embellishing their profiles or creating unrealistic expectations. Not everyone is convinced the direct approach is destined to displace traditional online dating.


Dean said if the sites' algorithms determine he's a strong match with someone, he knows he'll have an enjoyable date, even if romantic sparks don't fly. Who knows, you might even fall in love. Casual dates for the modern single. Find local hookups in your area for free through the best hookup apps and hookup websites catered to your interests. Mature dating made simple. Find love through easy to use senior dating apps, helping singles begin a new dating journey after divorce or later in life. Install Google Play App Store.