Dating a man with a pregnant girlfriend

He definitely doesn't sound as bad as the other fellas on this list. There is definitely nothing wrong with liking and being attracted to pregnant women. When a fetish hinders the ability for a normal and healthy relationship then it really is a problem. It takes on the appearance of addiction, more than just a fetish. Perhaps all of these pregnant lady lovers should start a support group. Then they could figure out how to stop hurting these women who they adore so much. Pregnant women really really turn this confessor on, and he refuses to date anyone who does not have a big baby belly.

He is by far the nicest sounding person to make the list so far. He isn't talking about he ditches them which it is implied I suppose , nor how he is attracted to his own pregnant relatives, or how he just likes pregnant women so much he keeps knocking women up, thus having a bunch of baby mamas. No, this is a simple confession, with a simple thought. This man is attracted to pregnant women. Perhaps the other men out there, who love pregnant women, can take a lesson from him. At least when speaking about these women, they don't have to sound like complete and total scumbags.

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Pregnant chicks are so needy they hop in bed with you if you say you will stay after the kids born. I'm out before that. It truly amazes me how terrible these men are. They act like a pregnant woman is a thing and not a person. These "men" will one day get their comeuppance for all of their dirty deeds and selfish ways. Why can't they get on tinder and find one night stands with pregnant women? Why must they get into a relationship and lead someone on, only to bail at the last minute? These men are really making lose faith in them.

I may never look at a man whose fetish is pregnant women the same. Their drive is so high toward the end, but I always leave when the baby come. I'm not ready for all that. Just a side thought. Next, this man sounds like all of the other lovers of pregnant women; he only wants them for their body. He's not ready for a kid or to commit These fellas need to man up. Based on their behavior and treatment of these beautiful pregnant women, they certainly don't deserve anything good to come to them. It says a lot by how a person treats another person.

I personally live by the golden rule, "do unto others as you would have them do to you".

I'm falling for a guy that has a pregnant girlfriend. HELP!

These men obviously never learned that rule. This poor whisper confessor has ruined his reputation in "the pregnancy world". Which I did not know there was. Per his confession, which reads " I've only ever dated pregnant women they turn me on like no other. I'm starting to get a bad rep in the pregnancy world though.

I am sure he means the online pregnancy world of chat rooms and hookups though. He obviously is getting around a lot for his reputation so be ruined. If he wants to keep screwing over pregnant women he may just have to move to a new town and change his name, basically just start his life over. They make me feel better than any women I have ever been with. I could not imagine being with someone who isn't pregnant. They are so beautiful. He is one of the few on the list who isn't coming off like a total creep in his confession.

He also sounds like every other one though because he doesn't want to date someone who isn't pregnant. Do these men not grasp the reality of this? They will never be in a serious or long-term relationship if they only date pregnant women. Perhaps their sexual lust is more important to them than marriage and having a family.

It seems like it would eventually get lonely, never being with a woman longer than a few months. Pregnancy 50 Years Ago: Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. I was a single mom from the time I found out I was pregnant until the time my son was 5, when we met the "dad" he was meant to have all along. Biology is not important in our family All that being said I think every mom should be wary of anyone whom they allow to enter into the life of their child.

Keep your eyes open. In most cases no, I would not trust their intentions. I think the only instance this could make sense to me is if the couple knew each other prior to the pregnancy.

Man Ditches Pregnant Wife

It just seems like such an odd thing for a pregnant women to want to do or a man to want to date a pregnant women. Not saying there aren't good guys out there but you can compare a guy dating a single mom to this. I think it depends on the man. My best friend is pregnant and dating a guy who absolutely adores her and treats her like a princess. Her ex is a jerk who was emotionally negligent and never took great care of her. I'm so happy to see her happy with her new man. So as long as he's taking care of her and being good to her, it's all fine by me.

That thought would never have crossed my mind.

If I heard a guy was dating a pregnant woman, my first assumption would be that he must be really into her to date her when she's pregnant with someone else's child. But I have no way of knowing either of their intentions, this will vary with each person. I'm just curious given the responses I've seen on the relationships board. Would you trust their intentions? Why or why not? Oldest Newest 45 Posts. What It's Like to Be a Dad With Postpartum Depression A growing body of evidence shows that men experience some form of depression after the birth of a baby.

Should we call it postpartum depression?

Pregnancy Sex Through the Trimesters: Here's what you may experience when it comes to sex during pregnancy, trimester by trimester. Getting other Moms becomes easy when you start hanging out in places where mothers connect with one another. This guy sure is spreading his seed. Look like he thought he could have some fun on the side with baby mama 2. Now he's stuck in a tricky situation and will be paying child support for two newborns.

Obviously these two Mama's didn't know about each other and it is sad that he dumped baby mama 2. I guess he thought out of sight our of mind. As we know, babies are forever and just because Daddy is ignoring the Mama doesn't mean that his child will go away. He is equally responsible for both children. Now's a good time to put out that reminder that if we aren't ready for kids that we need to use birth control. Also, let's spend some time getting to know our partners before we give our all to them and make them our everything. It's always inspiring to hear from women who have been through the worst and come out on top.

This confession is a good reminder that just because we are having someone's baby doesn't mean we have to choose to stay with them. If they choose to walk out, then good riddance. No matter what the situation, if someone is physically violating us we need to show him the door.

Whisper Confessions About Men Who Dumped Their Pregnant Girlfriends

It's powerful that this woman doesn't see her son as the child of a rapist. She sees him for the precious being that he is. He didn't choose his father. His mother sees her son as the most beautiful reason to live. If she needs a beautiful reason to live, her son is a good choice. What a creative solution to an unexpected pregnancy. This woman found out the hard way that just because we are in love doesn't our men are as madly in love as we are. Just because we have been together for five years, doesn't mean we are going to be together for five more.

It's cold that this Daddy doesn't want anything to do with her.

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He could at least let her know that he will be there for the baby. However, we can't make other people act the way we want them to. They are not our puppets and they have free will.