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Apr 27, 2. I love my Zoe's Apr 27, 3.

People are people, no matter the culture. If they treat you well and are not bat shit crazy, you're good lol.

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Apr 27, 4. Idk what is the norm but most haitian women I know do not like to date their men and don't have a legit reason why. Apr 27, 5. I have not noticed any significant differences. But I also haven't given it much thought. Apr 27, 6. I've dated a Haitian man before. Both his mom and dad Haitian. Apr 27, 7. I have a friend who is dating a gentleman from Haiti. She says that there is nothing remotely different about the culture but she feels that that may be an attribute to his being reared in the US for half his life.

Furthermore, she told me that he preferred not to date Haitian women largely because they were either too obsessed with dating white men or very possessive, to the point of volatility, should they desire to date a fellow Haitian. I thought that was rather interesting in light of the topic. Apr 27, 8. Yup most of my friends love them Zoes. Apr 27, 9.

Do you mean Haitian born and breed or a second generation child that has Haitian parents? Either way the stereotype is that Haitian men are sexist and cheaters.

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Maybe these women see Americans as more egalitarian? Apr 27, I'm part Haitian and never been with one and most my Haitian family are with black Americans or date outside including my father. I think it's common here out east but when I go to Florida I see plenty of Haitians that are together. Well not really that much of a cultural difference when I dated AA. I'm pretty much just as american. Well I guess Haitian Women are more crazy lol.

My couple role model is my friend's mom and dad. Both are Haitian, born and raised, and they have the best marriage I have ever seen. He worships her; they both work. They're still lovey dovey after almost 30 years of marriage.

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They're also really attentive parents. I wouldn't judge all Haitians based on stereotypes. I've dated two Haitian men , I'm aa.. Haitian men eat a hell of a box but they are crazy jealous!

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In Miami most Haitians tend do date each other. I feel like it is because many are heavily involved in church so that is where they meet their significant other etc. Also my parents wouldn't be too happy with me dating an African-American women due to stereotypes Though that isn't going to stop me. There was a time where AA's treated Haitians and other group of blacks as if they are better. Though it isn't like that anymore those feelings are still there.

I have dated AA before and being in a city where meeting Haitians is rare if I date black she will be African-American. Yes, there are Haitian women who are infatuated with white men. You don't find too many Haitian men who are as infatuated with white women like they are. My family is West African and I have two family members married to Haitians.

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