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As fall sets in, many New York City singles — especially those over 40 — see a reminder that another season has passed without true love. Zucher also pointed out an offbeat, surprising benefit of pairing off later — less chance of unpleasant surprises. That is less true, though, as we age and mature and start to accept ourselves more. Holiday time can be especially traumatic for older singles.

Why are they still unattached?

Dating Men Over 40 - 5 Tips - Relationship Advice With Carlos Cavallo

Many single New Yorkers of other faiths encounter this at Thanksgiving and Christmas. But here in New York, some religious leaders say the trend toward older marriage has positive aspects. He invited Marie, and decided that she was the woman for him. It changed my whole perspective on what the priorities in life are.

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It wasn't Sarah Palin who drove America View author archive Get author RSS feed. Once I started surfing the net, I understood how many singles event sites were vague about their age ranges. So, a 45 year old woman might end up at a singles dinner or a singles bar and be surrounded by 25 year olds no age prejudice here and hooray for cougars but not every woman wants to date this age range! This situation could prove very uncomfortable and sometimes interests and preferences are different as well. I suggest that singles venues , dances etc begin to list nights for these mid age ranges to address this concern.

So, I will answer this dating question both in a general sense and I will also try to list a few specific places that seem to focus on this middle age range to start you out on your search for love in NYC. Online dating - Many people rule this one out because they feel a profile with their age will disqualify them and that it is better to meet someone in person.

Online dating is an inexpensive, easy way to cast a wide net and to target your age range without much effort.

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It is definitely worth a try and should be an integral part of your search. There are even sites that focus on singles over 40 or divorced singles etc. Tell everyone you know that you are looking and ask them to introduce you to someone. Parties - NYC as well as other places have singles parties where you can meet other singles in a casual, fun environment. Many of them do not specify their age group.

Here were two that seemed geared towards this middle aged crowd.

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There may be others: Fundraisers - Hospital fundraisers and the like often attract an established, older crowd because the tickets and topic are an investment of time and money. This may be a great venue to do good and mingle. Volunteering - Volunteering is a great way to meet caring people while investing your time in something worthwhile.

Over 40 Dating: Your Love-Life Begins at Forty!

Meetup Groups - Today there are groups devised around every topic and age group. If you go onto www. This is a great way to meet new people and you can go as often or as little as you want—just GO! You can even create your own to specifically meet your needs! Singles dances - Just like in your parents dating years, singles dances are a good way to meet a man. Pick an event specified towards your age group.

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Boomerparties has some dances. Singles Events - Singles events are great places to go because everyone is looking for a date. There are even events geared specifically towards singles 40 and up. Here was one I found online http: Classes - Classes are a fun, non-pressured way to meet new people.

How to Meet 40 plus men in NYC

To find people in your age range, you can try and pick something more geared to your age group like opera, taking care of aging parents, etc. For example, when you go to the 92nd St. Singles sports leagues - This is a fun way to get moving and meet other people. Certain bike groups and meet ups will specify age ranges, otherwise you just need to go and see. Here are some places to start: There are now a number of dining groups for singles and some take into account matching you within your age range. Here are a few to get you started: Weekend day trips - Get away from your regular surroundings and soak in some culture.

Y has trips to restaurants, museums and interesting sites: Book groups - Discussing literature is a great way to know something deeper about a person.

You can start your own and ask girl friends to invite a guy they were not interested in. Or, you can research book groups in your area. Start by checking out these few: Self-development workshops - These are a good way to learn something about yourself and the others that you are with. Good places to check out are Omega, The Open Center and workshops and related conferences in your area. Matchmaker - Getting a reputable matchmaker can help you gain introductions to people in your age range who have similar interests.

This is often more expensive than online dating, so I would start there. Church or synagogue singles group - Often your local church and synagogue is a great place to meet like-minded singles.