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Whatever the case may be, hopefully this information will help you. There are things like moon signs and ascendant signs that could play a role. Taurus man and Cancer woman is one of the most perfect matches.

The Reasons Why A Taurus Man And Cancer Woman Break Up

They both crave stability and loyalty which is something they can provide to one another. However if either of them become unhappy, sometimes they can also become less interested. This could lead one or both of them to cheat on one another. They are both temperamental and could cause major friction.

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They both have a tendency to pull back and give the silent treatment. If something is seriously wrong and one or both of you are pulling back; this could be a recipe for disaster. Both Taurus and Cancer can be moody at times. The Cancer woman will have more emotional outbursts typically than the Taurus man. If the Cancer woman becomes overly sensitive, it could rub Taurus man the wrong way. However; he too has limits and if they get crossed; it could become too much for him to handle.

Taurus Man Cancer Woman Compatibility

It takes quite a bit to piss off a Taurus man but once you get him there; there is no turning back. Cancer woman will have to always watch her own temper as to not push the wrong buttons. That means it could be his breaking point and make him want to break it off. Cancer women can also have a natural tendency to have addictions in some form. If she adapts something that Taurus thinks is really bad for her; he may nag her.

Taurus Male in Love With Cancer Female

After awhile of being nagged, the Cancer woman will pinch him with her claws. Most couples of these signs will not get to this point but these are some examples of why it may not go well. Read on to learn more about the astrological compatibility between the Taurus man and Cancer woman. The Taurus man needs a steady, rock-solid existence. He needs to know he's secure financially and when he's in a relationship he wants to know that is just as secure as any other part of his life.

The Taurus man may not say so directly, but he's a very possessive man and he must feel like his woman is his on every level. That's not to say he wants to be a controlling jerk though any man from any sign could be such a thing! This may turn a number of women off, but it will thrill the Cancer woman.

Oh, she might not admit it, but she'll eat that right up! She'll take it as an expression of how much he really loves and adores her, and that's exactly the way she ought to view it, because that is exactly what it is.

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Cancer woman is perfect for the Taurus man because she's loyal, she's often frugal, she's levelheaded, she's all about home and family just like he is, and she's cool with the possessive qualities so many other woman have taken issue with. What he's not cool with, is her moodiness. And let's be honest, Cancer chick, you can be moody!! You can be downright depressing and often for reasons no one around you can come close to understanding. The first time Taurus man experiences this mood swing, he'll scratch his head and wonder what he did wrong. After the 10th episode, he'll realize it's got little or nothing to do with him, and he'll simply lose patience with what he views as an irrational temper tantrum, even if it's of an internal nature.

My advice to you, is to take some time out for yourself when you go through these mood swings and find something to occupy yourself, so you don't make your Taurus man think Sybil's just moved in.

That, and try to talk to him about it. Tell him it's just part of your nature and he shouldn't worry that he's done something to upset you. If you don't, these mood swings could lead to some big arguments, so better to discuss it like adults before things get too dramatic. To comment on this article, you must sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. The Love Affair The love affair between Taurus man and Cancer woman love match will be a beautiful experience as they both have similar traits. The soft and gentle nature of the female Cancer lures him towards her and this in turn makes the compatibility of Taurus man and Cancer woman a wonderful association.

She is someone who will do anything for her partner if she is sure about spending the rest of her life with him. Until she has found her man who is secured monetarily, who will care for her and protect her, and show a lot of affection and love, she will always be willing to refrain herself from a romantic association. The Taurus male may take his own time to fall in to a romantic alliance with the Cancer female, as he is very strong at heart and does not wish to give it all away at once. But once he is sure about her, he will show his best self to her and do all the needful things required to sustain a beautiful relationship with her.

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  • Level Of Understanding Both the Taurus male and Cancer female will share a great bond with one another. A certain level of understanding can be expected between this love duo, which may augment the Taurus man and Virgo woman compatibility. The male Taurus will ensure that he entails himself in this benevolent association as he may be showered with a lot of love from her. He will be vehemently involved in this relation which she will really appreciate as well. The female Cancer will be pleased to have a partner like him and in return she will also give her best to make sure that the spark in the relationship is always maintained.

    The male Taurus is a bit possessive and over protective, though not very jealous. In that way, he is quite sensible and empirical in sustaining the relations. Although, she may have some issues pertaining to loyalty. Due to her overthinking nature she may grow fears related to his faithfulness which she will repent later as everything that she thinks is a part of the fake mind game that she indulges herself in.

    Benefits And Challenges The Taurus man and Cancer woman love compatibility may either radiate with bright light or start flickering, solely depending on how Taurus and Cancer manage their relationship. It is important for the female Cancer to express her love, affection and care for the male Taurus through her actions. If he is not shown the sympathy and love that he expects, he may feel that his partner is not interested in him anymore.

    As far as their physical relationship is concerned, they will have the most passionate and pleasurable time together in bed. Both of them are as sensuous and the Taurus male is someone who knows how to make love through his touches and his ways of expressing his love for her, intimately. They will form a great bond where he will make her realise that she is an important part of his life and she will be loved.

    This will make the Cancer female adore him to the core of her feelings. The Taurus man compatibility with Virgo woman will rely on how much they trust and comprehend with each other, to maintain this beautiful relationship.