Canada dating site maple

Dating Site Matches Anti-Trump Singles With Canadians

Just in case Trump becomes president, they will already know and possibly have a strong connection with someone they met on the platform — because there is nothing like running away from a possible four-year bad relationship with the new president to get into a new relationship in a new country with a stranger you met online. The dating site has not yet officially launched, but those looking for love and a big move can fill out the Maple Match form to get on the waiting list.

Along with entering in their name, age and email, the users checks off whether they have an American or Canadian citizenship.

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  • Maple Match dating site helps Americans fleeing Trump meet Canadians?

Make sure to select who you are interested in dating, and click the "save me from this madness" button to complete the process. With its growing interest, Goldman revealed that he plans on launching the site "as soon as possible. Besides having no Donald Trump and maybe even your potential soulmate, Canada actually has a lot to offer.

Dating website Maple Match triples in number of users after Donald Trump victory

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canada dating site maple

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Blame Canada? US Senate committee ponders if northern border is a threat

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