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We take it upon ourselves to get to know our potential dates via their social media profiles before even meeting them in the flesh. But is there is a correlation between swiping right and being disappointed?

My need for instant gratification leads me to realize too late that I actually care about someone.

Here are the reasons you may be running into some issues:. But, keep in mind that our responses when talking through text messages are often premeditated. You are not face-to-face, and you have time to come up with a decent answer when asked a pressing question.

How To Have A Healthy Relationship - Interview With Apollonia Ponti

We have such a great connection! So what if he wore a shirt from Old Navy? Maybe his mother bought it for him, and he likes how soft it is. And so what if she has on dark red lipstick?

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Instead of ignoring these things and getting to know the human behind the not-even-in-style glasses, we write them off based on insignificant and superficial reasons. Instant gratification is all about ego. Dating in the age of instant gratification is the same.

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I want the long term rewards but I want them now and I want them with who I want. Live and learn, right? When you sacrifice instant gratification, you get so much more in return, you get your long term goals. Because you start dating thoughtfully.

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Take the middle path. Do you get what I mean? Get to know them before getting intimate. Remember, safe sex is physical, mental and emotional. Impulsive dating and sex, or dating in the age of instant gratification can have a lasting effect on you, so be smart about the choices you make. I know I have learned to be although I do get myself into a little trouble now and again ; In the mean time … enjoy the dating process!

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Readers, what do you think? Do you agree that dating in the age of instant gratification is hurting our chances at love? I would love to hear about it in the comments! It feels like you are writing about me!

When You’re Looking For A Lasting Love In An Instant Gratification World | Thought Catalog

In the past 6 months I met a man who was absolutely unattainable, he loved me and hurt me too! With hindsight all it did was destroy me and it destroy any possibility of a relationship. Thanks for sharing your story Alison. I know how you are feeling. Lasting relationships require constant communication. And by that, we mean actual communication. When we meet with clients, we ask them to keep instant gratification to a minimum. And we ask them to forget about the dating apps.

Instead, we take our time with our clients, and we really get to know them. We consider their relationship history, their values, and their future hopes.

Is instant gratification really bad for a healthy relationship?

We ask them to look deep inside themselves — and to enjoy the journey. Then, and only then, do we set them up with potential matches. Quite simply, relationships need time and effort to grow and flourish. Save the instant gratification for fun and entertainment.