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Oh, she'll help you get into heaven. Wouldn't it be better if I just followed you around? I've got this other gig where I dress as a clown. I need to ask you something important. Steve, I told you, the juice boxes are for the campers. I wanted to ask for your forgiveness. I'm sorry for being so self-centered, and I want to help you do good deeds.

I'm a brand-new Steve, who just wants to help other people. You shouldn't be playing with sticks. You could put your eye out. Steve, if you want, you can read to the kids. Hello, this is Dr. I have some very important information for Steve. Can you tell him that he's not dying? It turns out I accidentally mixed up his blood sample with another patient's.

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In the name of the Father, the Son, and the holy Steve, the doctor called! He has important news for you! We're into the lace corset section. It's the same chick from page 12, but you can see her jugs better. It's like you've helped the blind to see. Now, what was that doctor's big news? Um Just that you're still dying. So I'm supposed to believe that he called me, just to tell me I'm still dying?

Man, that doctor's a Bleeping asshole. Kids, this is the last day being blind is going to prevent you from doing anything you want. I've spent the whole day showing blind kids that they can do anything non-crippled kids can. It's amazing how much this dying thing has changed Steve. He's actually kind of pleasant to be around. Which is why I Connie, can I tell you something?

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Steve isn't really dying. It turns out he isn't even sick at all. Would it be horrible if we hold off telling him? You know, maybe ride the "nice Steve" wave a little bit longer? Ethel, that's really selfish of you. Well, I'm sorry you feel that way, but it's for the good of the kids.

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Now who's having fun? What's going on in here? Oh, I'm interviewing for our next ranger. Just hire me, and let's be done with this. Why don't you go outside and play? I'm gonna stop you right there. What's the company policy on angel dust? It's illegal in the park, and in these United States of America. I'm back in the States?

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Man, you know what can really make you forget where you are? By the way, can you advance me 20 bucks to score some angel dust? I want this job because I like animals. No, I love animals. Some people say I love animals too much, you know what I'm saying? And, I'm a certified lifeguard. Well, everything looks good.

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Get out of my office, you disgusting freak! That is what you get when you put an ad in a newspaper. Malloy, can you help me post an ad on the Internet that doesn't attract a bunch of wacko nut jobs? Oh, I think I can help you with that. Oh, well, Myrtle isn't here right now Oh, I didn't call to talk to Myrtle. I called to talk to you, baby. Agnes, I think you fine as hell. I like mature women. Myrtle's just too young and naive for me.

Oh, Denzel, stop it. So, uh, what are you wearing right now? A polyester housecoat and gown. No, I mean under that. Oh Well, a brassiere and a girdle. I mean under that. Thanks for the best week of my life, Steve. We'll see each other soon. Well, I'll see you soon.

Steve, you have been so amazing. And Look, I'll be honest.