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I would steer clear of this site. Shop but don't invest. I also suspect fake profiles are on there.

OurTime Review: Features of Online Dating Site

I've tried and still subscribe to two of the popular dating sites and I tried OurTime simply because I wanted to increase my exposure to single women. This site OurTime offers few controls or parameters to limit who can visit you and what that does is waste your time with email or "flirts" from inappropriate people that you have to physically delete.

Furthermore, this site allows people to send more than one or two communications and that means one screwy person can fill your inbox and waste your time. There doesn't seem to be a way to filter out the inappropriate people and that can get quite annoying, especially for non-paying members who want to 'test-the-waters' before subscribing.

OurTime Review January 12222

I'm not sure how to wind this down except to say that if you do decide to give this OurTime. Just so you don't feel like a dope when you realize your mistake. Senior widows should be cautious. I signed up for a month and was immediately taken to an upsell page. Foolishly, I admit, I fell for it, thinking that it would still be deducted monthly and that I'd be able to cancel if I felt the need. Wrong on both counts, which would have been fine if it had not been for the disturbing experience I had with the site. Widowed 10 months ago and now 63, I was feeling lonely - knowing no single men my age.

Account Options

I guess when you're happily married, you only hang out with other married couples. At least, that's what we did. My son suggested I try the site. I was skittish about online dating, but I gave it a try. In less than 24 hours, I was contacted by over a dozen men, most of whom may have been nice, legitimate seekers I suppose.

But 3 of them messaged me 'for a friend' or 'for a cousin' they had been showing the site to when my picture came up. Supposedly, I was the only woman who caught the eye of this phony friend or cousin. And then they said, they'd found their own gal, so we're going to delete their account, so would I 'Please give love a chance' and email the friend or cousin at his own email address, as he lived nearby my location. Ok, I fell for it the first time. That's when I felt unsafe - as I'd already sent an email to the first guy's 'friend'.

They refused, saying "No refunds! I was unable to delete it, so I contacted them again. No help, just an email from some other. My experience wasn't good, and I fear what may become of it. I wish I could give them a minus 5 star rating, but the system won't let me. I've contacted them 5 times with no resolution. Having been in Christian ministry for 40 years, I am devastated. Who knows what else will come from this stupid mistake?

Subscription ended up being hacked I don't know how many times. Messages going out that I did not send and my profile completely changed. OurTime did NOT care! At least until I posted my ended subscription and non-membership.

Our time dating site customer service phone number

They made sure to help me understand I could not do this. Signed up and all the names seem fake. Had no responses or all the flirts look generated. When you cancel it's amazing how your account gets 12 flirts and 4 emails. As soon as you pay. There are nothing but false emails.

Go old school and have the courage to ask someone on a date in your area. A lot more less discouraging. My account was renewed without my permission and they would not refund the charges. My account was hacked several times and they did nothing to help other than say "change your password" which I did several times to no avail. My age group was and I kept getting men from yo. The hacker had conversations with the men and was able to get their personal information like name, address, phone number and even street address. They could have cared less! Customer Service, Complaints and Reviews

Not only was my account hacked OurTime. I have not been able to find a way to talk to anyone from this company.

I'm canceling my account now, I hope that works! Do not even sign up because they will charge your card long after you quit. Your credit card become their bank account. The men are mostly fake, scammers, too young or old, too far, too ugly, worthless, uneducated, unemployed otherwise unfit. Signed up for a six month membership. Every time I log in I receive 15, 20 messages that someone flirted or messaged me.

Member Structure

Stay Away and save your money. Might as well throw it out your car window on the freeway. Had to reply to appr. Guess they really need my 30 dollars. Also automatically hooks you up with their other websites that sends you profiles but when you click you have to pay AGAIN. You got my money so what do you care?

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I have been trying for six month to cancel. My niece set this up and I never wanted it. Do not know log in info. I have to go to bank and file a dispute every few months! I've paid for all the top dating sites, and by far, this is the worse of the top I paid for the 6 month special which I regretted within 1 week on the site. When checking the website via the APP, it always has the same "new members. Are you telling me there are no new members within a 50 mile radius of my location? When I perform the search, it doesn't keep my original search criteria!

I've blocked some profiles, however, somehow, they show back up a week later!