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Getting your dating game on can be brutal. But here in San Diego, singles have possibly the worst time of all.

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Our friends at Thrillist came out with a list of reasons why dating in San Diego is different read: Pretty much everyone here is either into surfing or yoga… or even both at the same time. San Diego is swarming with beautiful people, so your game better be on point if you want to stand out.

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US citizens please I'm not going to get you a green card. What are the guys there like?

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Is there any real difference from NYC men? I would appreciate your feedback. Keep being your own person. It does not matter where you are in this world, the only person you need to concern yourself with is you. Yes, of course, but not in the way that we normally attribute to selfishness. As for San Diego, I can't tell you you won't find anyone here but not everyone is like what you've heard or described, I guarantee it.

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Yet, if you continue to seek these things by only focusing on them , you might only be shorting yourself. It is usually good for introverted people to challenge their comfort zones in the same way extroverted people find wisdom in introspection. Good luck to you. Hi I'm not sure about the dating scene in San Diego since I don't live there moving there soon though but, when I was there for a week not too long ago people seemed very friendly. There seemed to be an overall positive vibe which I really liked. As mentioned before, just be yourself, the right guy will come along soon.

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My single girlfriends here have just as much trouble dating here as the ones in NYC. Keep in mind that there's more of a surfer dude scene here than a professional eligible yuppie scene here. I knew a girl who moved to San Francisco to rev up her love life.. The best bet is to find someone then move to San Diego as it is very family friendly. If you can't surf, take it up as soon as you get here. I'm sure there are many great men here, in the age range that you desire I'm looking for someone a little older , but there is a much more laid-back mentality here than on the East Coast, IMO.

If you're seeking someone active and fit, sweeping generalization alert it's likely that he surfs. You may meet some guys this way, you may not, but it will be appealing to any guy you meet who does surf. I think the dating scene in SD is what you make of it just like it would be in most other major cities.

Dating in general is tough if you have standards and don't just settle.

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  6. I will say you wont find nearly as many of those NYC type guys that are looking to conquer wall street and be the next big time investor or make it big in general. SD is obviously big enough to attract all types of people so I'm not saying ambitious people don't live there but it isn't the type of city you go to to make it big. Still I think SD has plenty to offer dating wise and if you just put yourself out there I'm sure you meet someone. I can only speak form my experiences: NYC dating in general is really tough.

    I have done it in the past and it's not fun.