Dating a man who was hurt

It will be very difficult at the beginning to gain his trust, but when he sees you are there for him, he will start trusting you. It can take a long time until this happens but if you really care for him, you will wait. So make sure that you are there from the beginning of your relationship because he needs to gain trust in you from the start.

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Show him that you are planning to stay and that you found everything that you had been looking for the day when you met him. An emotionally damaged man can also love.

12 Major Red Flags That You’re Falling for Someone Who Will Hurt You

In fact, he has more love to offer than any other man you will ever meet. He is just being extra careful with the people he lets into his life. You should remember this fact. Just think about how you would feel like if someone tried to change you. If you are to change; it will be when you decide to and not when others decide, right? Men change when they are ready to.

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  • Many women try to fix their emotionally damaged men by talking about their past. Well, their past is the main reason they feel this way. If you keep talking about it, you will just make things worse.

    5 Amazing Tips On How To Date An Emotionally Damaged Man

    If you really love him, wait until he opens up to you. He is the one who will know when the time is right for that. Just by being patient and giving him some space, you are doing him an incredible favor. Yes, he has a heart but he keeps it locked, far away from everyone. He has been hurt in the past and this is his self-defense mechanism. So, please, try to understand him. It is not easy to fight with those demons living inside of him.

    He would like it if he could live like the rest of us and open up to every new person who came into his life. Just let him open up to you when he feels that it is the right time for that. Try to understand him because it is difficult to live this way. So, bear with him and be his rock.

    I am sure he will find some ways to pay you back! I know you will be the one who will show her feelings all the time. And there is nothing bad about that. He has them, they are present but he has a hard time expressing them.

    Why Dating Someone Who's Been Hurt Before Is Worth the Effort

    If you just give him some time to open up, he will do so. But try to understand him when he says that he has some scars and cracks in his heart that have to be healed. Because staying with a damaged person requires all the love you could possibly have. You are sent on a mission to slowly peel their shield, layer by layer, and part by part. To slowly melt their heart. It might take you months to make cracks in the iceberg they have inhabited, and years to touch their soul.

    Dating a man who has been hurt before

    They seem to us like strong independent people who need no one, but inside they are the most vulnerable beings needing a hand to hold and a soul to understand. Damaged people crave love more than anything else, yet they run from it at its very sight. They want an emotional connection, yet every time they try to establish one, ghosts of their past start haunting them, carrying images of the pain they had to endure.

    They push you away, yet secretly hope you would still insist on staying. They have been through the darkest tunnels of life and have witnessed what it means to stand alone on the edge of the world with no hand to hold as the winds get stronger. Now, before you haven't been verbally or mate.

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