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But that means the crater must be rather young from a geological perspective. The crater was first discovered in July as the researchers inspected a new map of the topography beneath Greenland's ice-sheet. They noticed an enourmous, but previously undetected circular depression under Hiawatha Glacier, sitting at the very edge of the ice sheet in northern Greenland. In the courtyard at the Geological Museum in Copenhagen just outside the windows of the Center for GeoGenetics sits a tonne iron meteorite found in North Greenland not far from the Hiawatha Glacier.

Larsen from Aarhus University. Their suspicion that the giant depression was a meteorite crater was reinforced when the team sent a German research plane from the Alfred Wegener Institute to fly over the Hiawatha Glacier and map the crater and the overlying ice with a new powerful ice radar.

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What the scientists needed to test their hypothesis was a dense and focused radar survey there. Olaf Eisen, galaciologist at the Alfred Wegener Institute and co author of the study. A distinctly circular rim, central uplift, disturbed and undisturbed ice layering, and basal debris. In the summers of and , the research team returned to the site to map tectonic structures in the rock near the foot of the glacier and collect samples of sediments washed out from the depression through a meltwater channel.

It is therefore very resonable to ask when and how and this meteorite impact at the Hiawatha Glacier affected the planet.