Dating your veterinarian

Because vets see so much death, they have this thing in their brains that goes all haywire when they get the opportunity to save the life of a tiny helpless creature. Get ready for some nights with little sleep as they get up to feed crying puppies, kittens, etc. Remember, they are judging your ability as a human parent one day during these missions. Made custard for desert? Expect to hear about the nastiest abscess they lanced. Oh they had this nasty bleeder during a spay today.

Did you know that ear infection they cleaned out smelled exactly like this?! Some dog got diarrhoea that reminded them of it. You better start practicing how to subtly or not so subtly divert conversations. Otherwise you will be stuck with vet tech terms all night. Remind them to use the lint roller before meeting your folks at least.

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This is not the last time. It will happen at least once a month. Yes, you heard me. Despite the weirdness, they are some of the best calibre humans out there. They help people and animals every day.

Looking for Love: Pet-Centric Dating Sites

They know how to work under pressure. They know how to be nice and patient, even though they are hugely stressed. They see how animals love and how loyal they are and they strive to love as purely as that. So you may have a house full of crazy creatures one day your vet included and be covered in hair and have to close your ears to some conversations. But you will have a super soulmate.

A day in the life of a small city vet. After all, our pets are here to stay.

Is Dating a Client Taboo? | Clinician's Brief

Unlike that boyfriend who is convinced that your cat is evil and hates him. So how do you find that perfect pooch-loving partner? Believe it or not, there are dating sites specifically for people who love their dogs — and their cats and horses too.

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  4. Online Dating for Pet People.

My Pugs are part of the family, and any man who wants to get serious about me also needs to be serious about my dogs. Then Must Love Pets is the site for you. Love Me, Love My Pets: While not all profiles at Love Me, Love My Pets are pet-specific, the site offers a wide variety of potential dates to choose from. The site also offers a one-month-free upgrade, with access to more detailed features, such as the ability to email and chat with other members most other sites require a fee to access those options.

In terms of numbers of potential partners, Love Me, Love My Pets is your best bet among pet-centric dating sites. This dating site tries to reach a broad spectrum of animal lovers, extending beyond dogs to include horses and cats.

In an urban area, this site might provide some promising matches, but I live in rural Idaho and my options were pretty limited. In addition, many of the profiles lack pet-related content and are indistinguishable from those on other non-pet-specific dating sites.

The 411 on Pet-Centric Dating Sites

Bartonella is a type bacteria that can be transmitted to cats, dogs and humans from exposure to infected fleas and…. Want to give your pup yummy, low-calorie treats? Not sure about food puzzles?