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Email or Phone Password Forgotten account? Well finding an ideal travel partner who will suit your travel plan and also be having the same travel interest is being called the most…. You should feel those vibes at the first sight that gets you butterflies in the stomach. There can be nothing better than trying to find love on a travel date because this is the time you can have vigilance on the minutest of the things of the other person. While being on a travel date, you will have a lot of things to talk about. What hotel, which restaurant, which shop, what activity and a lot more.

Countless of conversations can spice up your travel date. The same great artwork as the original, but with a very custom message. You'll get to select who the card is addressed to, which character is writing the card, and under what circumstances the card is being written.

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An obvious example for the last part is choosing if the card is being written by a main guy who's sending it to his girlfriend or someone he doesn't really know. XOXO Droplets is set to come out in just few months. But that's still too long, I'd say. Now you can play the game a full week before its official release.

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We'll also get to be much more involved in your playthrough at this point. Because so few other people will have the game, there'll be plenty of time for us to give gameplay advice or answer any questions you have. These would be perfect, if only the main character was also an option.

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It's still really great though, according to Shiloh. Two cool as heck Chibi Acrylic Charms shipped to you. They'll feature two different main guys that are randomly selected. The charms will be 1. To keep the process manageable, we're only shipping to those living within the United States of America. We apologize to all of our fans who live outside of the States. We love you and are looking into selling charms again sometime in the future with international shipping!

And he agrees that if you're gonna get some of them, it may as well be all of them. If you want to make absolutely sure you get the guy of your dreams or you simply like them all, we've got this full set of six charms.

Each one will feature a chibi image of a different main guy from the afterschool group. If Jeremy got to control everything that happened in an event, he might actually enjoy himself for once. But still probably not, actually. You'll get to design a one-off event that can either be featured in the game itself or as a very short bonus game only you get to see. It can include few or many characters, the M.

The event can't feature anything beyond PG13 levels of maturity. If the event is included in the game you'll be credited as an event designer. He accusingly asked us if he got this spot because he's considered the 'artsy' one and refused to say anything else. Still feel an overwhelming need to control these characters? We've all been there. You can be exact or give a general prompt and let us fill in the specifics. And because all the art is being made from scratch, there'll be very few limitations on what can be featured. Maybe you want to see characters when they were younger, see what they're up to some years down the road, find out what happens if they meet a character not from this game, etc.

The full resolution comic page will be included as part of your reward package and it'll feature in the official art book with a credit to you as the designer. The comic can't feature anything beyond PG13 levels of maturity.

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  7. If an outside character is used, you must have the rights to use that character. A character created by you or a character from one of GB Patch Games' other projects are doable options. XOXO Droplets has a pretty particular code. If the programmer becomes busy or has to officially drop out we'll have some difficulties recovering.

    It is doable, but the game's release will definitely have to be halted. We've made sure to keep a few other programmers in mind who can potentially come aboard to finish putting the free version together in a worst case scenario. It's of course also possible that anyone else on the team could get behind or have to leave entirely. There's so little left for everyone else to do, however, that bouncing back from that will be relatively easy.

    Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. Access to backer exclusive updates, the option of including cool add-ons, and being included in the fun if we reach the first Stretch Goal. A freakin' nice set of 8 desktop wallpapers. And, very importantly, when the full game releases we'll be sharing at least one of the super-secret cheat codes that can usually only be found by beating the game a certain way.

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    You'll get a say in which one it is. A fun digital postcard with a set message. It features a pretty picture of the MC by a talented guest artist. The bouncy Soundtrack featuring 19 different songs ranging from character themes to mood setters. A super swell Digital Art Book showing off original sketches, unused alternate outfits and locations, and other stuff. The name of your choice listed with a select other few in the credits of the game. Truly the recognition you deserve.

    That original postcard, except not that postcard because it's seriously upgraded. A digital card addressed to you, from the character of your choice, and we'll try to fit in any special specifics you have in mind such as having it be from a main guy sending a note to his girlfriend instead of just a friend.