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The popular alternative rock band toured the globe in the early to mids. Rumors have it that they met at a party accidentally and hit it off immediately after. They got married in but have chosen to stay off the grid when it comes to their relationship. She and Joseph got married in secrecy and have been enjoying that married life since They have two children together and are adorable whenever we get a rare chance to see them. Both have been adamant about avoiding the press because they have their careers and family.

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Some things are just more important than being on the covers of magazines and on gossip websites. Zendaya spends a lot of time doing interviews and photoshoots, but she still finds time to maintain a stable relationship with Tom Holland.

Jim Parsons (Sheldon) & Todd Spiewak (2017) – married

They have been dating for over two years now but have decided to keep a low profile. Tom especially despises when his private life is revealed in the press. Both Leighton and Adam were teen icons who have managed to capitalize on their early fame and build a career afterward. With clever business moves, they managed to stay relevant. In the midst of their rise, they met and realized that they have much more in common than they expected. Upon posting their first picture together on social media, rumors began swirling.

Despite all the commotion, they managed to get married in secrecy four years ago. In , they welcomed their first child into the world — a daughter named Arlo. Margot became a real superstar due to her role in Suicide Squad. This meant that public interest concerning her private life also rose. Despite her newfound fame, she stayed adamant about keeping her private matters to herself.

This includes her marriage to Tom Ackerley, who was her roommate and friend before they got together.

The Real Life Partners of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Stars –

At one point, they realized they were ideal for each other and got married secretly in Tom is a real gentleman to her, too. Believe it or not, Daniel and Rachel have been together for over eight years. What is the reason for their relative anonymity when it comes to famous couples? The answer is privacy. Both of them love to keep their private life under wraps, especially because being James Bond causes the press to divert their attention to you.

The marriage is a functional one — both of them said they survive simply on understanding and honesty. Despite this, the two girls hate attention and want to avoid the limelight as much as possible. The equally famous brother of James Franco, Dave has made a name for himself with a steady line of hits along the years. They started chatting and cracking jokes, and one thing led to another. They wanted their ceremony to be low-key and private — only for their closest friends. The two are always smiling and looking at each other, giving us an example of what a couple should really look like.

On Mad Men , the two started a secret relationship that ended up backfiring. They managed to keep their love hidden, but a few event appearances gave them away. Holding hands, those looks and gestures signified that there was something going on. Eventually, they got married in and have managed to maintain control of both their public and private lives.

We all got good news when they welcomed their first daughter in the autumn of How is it possible that two high-profile stars like Jamie and Katie are so low-key? It is said that Katie and Jamie were friends for a long time and one thing led to another when Katie and Tom Cruise split up. These two are really together.

They have been known to be one of the most secretive couples out there. After getting married in , the only thing we got to know is that they have two beautiful daughters.

Alessandra Torresani and Sturgis Adams (rumored) 2015-

Taylor Swift and keeping relationships private? All jokes aside, it seems like Taylor is really trying hard not to spoil things with Joe. According to reports, they have been together for over a year but have only been photographed together a few times. Some time ago, we heard some vague rumors suggesting that Emma was dating the Glee star. At first, we treated it like every other celebrity rumor, but this one turned out to be true. In March, they decided they were done with hiding and being secretive, so the first photos of them holding hands surfaced.

They were also hugging it out on a sidewalk in Los Angeles in February. Despite their fame, the two stars refuse to comment on their private life and wish to keep distractions at a minimum while working on their careers. The two were first seen on February 13th kissing in Los Feliz, California. This was the first time they were seen together, but chances are that Emily was still in a three-year relationship with Jeff Magid then. Therefore, nothing was clear.

The world was shocked, but 10 days later, another surprise came: Emily and Sebastian got married. The two actors opted for a humble ceremony at New York City Hall with only the closest of friends and family in attendance. Nobody even knew that these two were a thing before Emily announced they were married on her Instagram story.

This Is What The Cast Of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Looks Like In Real Life

Now, this is a story you should behold. Aside from a Friends -like atmosphere, the show is famous for its myriad of guest stars that have appeared in an episode or two. Taran managed to squeeze in a role, so fans of the show might recognize him. Other than this instance, the two have been very private about their relationship.

After a multi-year relationship, the two got married in a private ceremony in After three years, their family got yet another member — a baby girl. She loves mystery like Olivia Pope, the character she plays. She managed to keep her relationship with Asomugha a secret before it became evident she was pregnant. The two are madly in love and welcomed their second child in These two are simply what every couple in the world should strive to be.

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Don and Meryl met and got married exactly 40 years ago. The two are absolutely committed to their children and grandchildren, not caring about fame and other superficial things. Don is a renowned sculptor who always has time to make an appearance alongside his fabulous wife at Hollywood events. In interviews, they talk solely about their art and keep their private matters to themselves — as it should be. Maya has always loved the spotlight. At one point, she wanted to have a more peaceful life and has slowly stepped away from the public eye.

One thing she keeps most private is her personal life and relationship with husband Paul. He has been nominated for a total of eight Oscars, with his works receiving a total of 25 nominations. He and Maya have two kids and are more in love than ever before, despite us only getting an appearance from time to time. The couple will soon celebrate 17 years of being married. Yes, you read that right. For 17 long years, these two have been able to conquer the world of show business without shedding too much light on their personal lives.

While Sacha is known for being a comedian and goofball, he is still a hunk when he decides to get his act together. The former Ali G has three kids with Isla, making their family a lively and big one. Both of them come from multi-cultural backgrounds, making them one of the most unique couples out there.

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Falling in love on set is not that unusual. People who act together tend to eat together, talk for days without stopping and get to know each other better. Not only was The Last Word a success, but the two co-stars saw changes in their personal life as well. They got together in and decided a year of dating was enough. What did they decide to do then? They eloped all of a sudden and had their first child in We just love stories like this. The two have been insistent in preserving their private life and hiding from all the nonsense the press bring into their lives.