Why is he still logging on to dating sites

This has been most acutely demonstrated over the last week by the data dump from the Ashley Madison platform , which revealed that the site had millions of straight male subscribers, but very few women signed up. In other words, many of the guys who claimed that they never used it to meet women were probably telling the truth: Anyone who has done online dating seriously will confirm that there always seems to be people lurking on the edges, folks who are up for a chat but not for a meeting.

Why Do Very Few Guys Message You On The Online Dating Site?

Neither reflects well on him, or his self-esteem, or the way that he feels about your relationship. It is very kind of you to look for the best in this situation. Topics Life and style Swipe right - online dating for the real world. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. He wanted his cake and wanted to eat it. I guess the security of knowin g that he had me and the unlimited options of women online. I was heart broken, but there is no stopping him.

When He Can’t Stop Shopping Around Online

I was able to find his password to the site, and he is still online. It is like he is addicted to meeting people online.

My ex EUM is weird. He was constantly online on this dating site when we were dating and now that we are over 4 weeks NC now he is hardly ever logging in.

The guy I'm seeing is still using dating sites. What should I do?

Anne, I am not that familiar with dating sites, how can you tell he has logged on? You are also assuming that he only meets people thru online dating sites. Can he tell that you checked his last log in? What did you tell him in your final e-mail? I received an email from him after 5 weeks NC in which he only said he missed the sex we had..

5 Reasons Why His Online Dating Profile Is Still Active

On some sites you can see when a person has logged in last. Very handy, but not good for obsessive Fall Back Girls. Anyhow, just a few minutes ago I received a text from him 1,5 week after my email reply. Again as if nothing happened. I deleted it instantly good for me!

If he Likes you So Much, Why is he Still on Dating Websites? | Futurescopes

Not very much probably…. In fact, I vowed that if I was ever to choose to get into a relationship with someone I met online I would tell them that once we are exclusive, there are no exceptions. Well what happened a while back was; I was dating a man for a month.

There were red flags as him talking about ex on dates, very charming etc… all was going fairly well on the surface anyhow after a month of dating. We were at a restuarant and he asked me to be exclusive. From this man asking me to be exclusive; I thought he really was into me. The funny thing is; there was weird behavior anyways before this happened in th beginning when I noticed that he had another screen name that he would chat with; and I innocently found that out — so it was obvious he had another identity online to flirt with woman.

The whole thing was obvious looking back — but these guys can be experts at trying to manage down your expectations and claim you are overreacting meanwhile you are just trying to get what you deserve.

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I realized how crazy I was being; and after this site there was no second guessing myself and got real. He gave me a wake up call when after we talked on IM we agreed to meet up for a friendly drink… and he never contactd me typically unavailable behavior, again what did I expect to get from this?

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Oh Lawdy, my neighbor just came by to pick me up for our daily evening walk and I had her read this and this is what she said she is 62! Anne, switching sites is a very real possibility. He is still active on the site on which we met, but is also on this other one. I suspect he has been on in for quite a while…. Unfortunately, this set us back in the NC because he will know I looked at his profile you have to create a profile in order to look at the site even though I deleted my profile immediately upon seeing his.

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Just to show you…. He does not and said he had it from a state in which he never lived.