Matchmaking checklist

Your Financials Lenders need to have a comprehensive overview and understanding of the financial health of your business, in order to see how they can best help you meet your goals. Be sure to bring… Your gross annual sales or revenue for the past five years, if possible.

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Keep in mind that your gross revenue is what your business generates before taxes, expenses, and business deductions are taken into consideration. Your business banking information, including account numbers and balances. Your tax returns for the past five years. Just be sure to contact the IRS in advance of the event.

However, some tax years may not be available electronically and will have to be mailed to you, so be sure to plan ahead. A cash flow analysis that shows how money moves in and out of your business.

How to Prepare for a Lender Matchmaking Event: A Checklist of What to Bring

A strong cash flow analysis includes three distinct sections, including your operating activities, investment activities, and financial activities. Your personal contact information , including your legal name, home address, email address, and personal phone numbers. Your social security number and the social security numbers of all business owners. Your date of birth and proof of your country of citizenship if you are not a U.

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A passport and birth certificate from your country of origin may be requested. Your personal tax returns for the past three years, which should include a clear picture of your annual household income.

The Art of Matchmaking: The Matchbox Process

Your personal financial statement that includes a breakdown of all your assets and liabilities. A personal financial statement should include assets like real estate, automobiles, and insurance policies, as well as liabilities like your mortgage, personal loans, and unpaid taxes.

Matchmaking Guide

Each business owner should provide their own personal financial statement. You can download a sample personal financial statement here. IRS form T for all business owners. This form is a request for tax transcripts, and will allow the lender to gain a more in-depth picture of your financials beyond your tax returns. Paying customers are set up with partners from the pool of 90 clients, as well as a pool of 2, potential dates, which have been headhunted by Brealey.

Each customer meets a matchmaker in person, and fills out a detailed form about their personality and hobbies.

Based on this, Mutual Attraction writes up their profile and presents it to dates who they think would be a good match. Brealey does a basic matchmaking interview on me — asking about my life outside work, my schedule and my beliefs. She drills down for details — what books do I read? Where do I travel?

Modern-day cupid: how professional matchmakers can make you fall in love - Telegraph

Last year, Brealey says that 72 per cent of clients had a relationship of three months or more with one of the people she matched them with. You work hard, have a high-powered job and want someone who can keep pace with your ambitions. Anyone with mainstream interests would be too boring for you. Look for partners who care about sports and treat their body like a temple.

Find your perfect match. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Tuesday 15 January Caroline Brealey founded Mutual Attraction The business of love Mutual Attraction works with 90 clients every three months, and has helped everyone from MPs, bankers and actors to ballerinas and z-list celebrities.