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The match making system is clearly different for me vs my brother's Ques. We play near same rank, but he is getting "easier" match ups, great mulligans, bad opponents etc.. I wanted to post this as a witness of the experience from hearthstone Match Making that is "different" from player to player and if others may experience the same thing.


Is there any way you can prove this with actual numbers and proof? Otherwise this looks like a thread about you being mad that your brother got rank 5 because he had better luck. In my observations of playing Hearthstone since GvG it seems to put you into a pool of players against whom it will match for that session. Then periodically, maybe the next time you log in or it could be the next day it will move you to a different pool of players. This explains why sometimes you get good streaks and sometimes bad streaks with all the roping and BM lumped in. How these pools of players are made I'm not sure but there seems to be a difference in general style, it could be by MMR or how new the players are I dunno.

Some days you can have the most pleasant run of games ever, you see a variety of decks, no BM, opponents will politely return your "Well Played" and no one ropes. The only thing we know about all this is that we don't know exactly how it works because the program is closed source and Blizzard are very reluctant to reveal their methods.

You and your brother are two persons. Unless you both play about games at least, deviation from each others meta is not a surprise. He had a bit of luck, you did not. Or maybe your brother is now much better than you would think. Every day I play seems to follow a theme for lack of a better term. On days where my opponents all curve out perfectly I just stop playing because the losses just feel scripted.

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Look how much salt there is against cubelock on this site. People who are angry before the match begins and don't feel like they can win don't play well. So that's one factor. The other factor is, while cubelock is hardly invincible, there is a very small window to beat it in. If the game goes to turn it will probably start out valueing any other deck. And due to starting with mistress of mixtures, defile, and other high powered cheap cards, it is fairly hard to do anything to in the first turns.

That means there is this sweet spot, between turns five and ten, when you need to win the game, all while dealing with whatever demon gets cheated out on turn six. That's high pressure, and a lot of decks aren't really built to win in mid game, so people are playing there deck in a style it isn't meant to be played. I play a lot of control mage, and so I'm poorly equipped to play aggro in the first five turns.

If the game goes into the last five cards in our decks, the warlock player will either blow my deck up, or guldan AND Nzoth late and I only have dragoncaller alanna. In other words, he has more end game value then me.

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So I need to draw hard, hopefully get jaina on curve, and overwhelm the board with water elementals. I need to get him to use both twisting nethers before I play Alanna, and I need to save a polymorphs for Rin if he has it, I need to try to dirty rat Nzoth, and I need to save my blizzards for his board filling cards. That's a ton of stuff to do exactly right or I lose. The thing is, I'm not complaining warlock is overpowered, but there is definitely huge pressure playing that deck, and under that kind of pressure to play perfect, people make mistakes.

If I'm playing spell hunter or spiteful priest my goal is basically don't die, draw jaina, win. So much less stress. Tl;Dr, your brother and you haven't discovered an issue in matchmaking. Play the same deck and you'll see that. Switching decks constantly is agreed on by most to be a fairly bad thing to do for laddering. Your brother, who has continuously played Cubelock, has had a lot of experience with the deck continuously, and he'll have a better understanding of the matchups he gets, how to play them, and his win conditions in each since he's experiencing them so much more often.

If he were to switch between decks his experience would be unfocused and spread out across decks, instead of focused and centered on the mastery of one.

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Not only that, but if you're switching decks all the time, it throws off the "average" result. If you stick with it for long enough you'll get both ends of the good and bad matchups over time for that deck, and you'll be able to tell eventually based on whether you're steadily going up or down in rank whether that deck is actually powerful in the meta.

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My advice to you is to pick a deck and stick with it. Why does Vicious Fledgling exist. Winrate, it is winrate, how do I know that? Well my friends and I , we tried make a new account for fun and testing bot in the past no , I don't use bot for my real account. We want to see how it work. The bot is retarded if you want to know , bad trade , sometimes going face at worst situation.

Top players say climbing the ladder has become demotivating, if not outright impossible.

So the bot lost sooooooo many games , but we have fun opening pack on that dummy account. Sometime , we played on that account , last time I remembered maybe it was means Street or before that. The opponents are ridiculously easy , many new player , misplay , etc u name it like the post op make.

So they match up player if possible with closest winrate. But if there is only few people to select from the pool , suck it u gonna play random winrate maybe higher than you. That's why after you win so many games you will meet hard opponent. That's all thank you. Ur brother losing streak will happen.

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You will lose more if u misplay and win more when u out skill the odds stacked against u by the MM. Complaining about RNG in Hearthstone won't convince anyone that it's a bad thing -- it only makes them think you're too dimwitted to find a game that suits you better. A lot of these responses have nothing to do with what the OP is about.. Reading comprehensions and all that I suppose? This was an observations. I'm not hating on the game. Only brought this up as we observed this between eachother, and maybe others on hearthpwn have too.

Can I get the clif notes for these people post omg like reading a story that just goes on and on. Brode says these two changes will work together to address matchmaking issues. If high ranking players aren't completely reset, low ranking players will see them far less frequently, resulting in more fair matches for all players. The team is also changing the requirement to obtain the monthly card back and other rewards.

Previously, players had to achieve Rank 20 each month, but now players will only have to win 5 Ranked games. For more on Hearthstone, read about how the game is raising the bar for its Esports initiatives , and meet the new Hearthstone World Champion.

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