My girlfriend used to hook up a lot

Focus on the present and not the past and stop judging her. If the situation was reversed, how would you feel? Would you be upset if she judged you sleeping with a lot of other people? If she's sharing details with you that you're uncomfortable hearing, it's perfectly ok to ask her to not share that type of information with you.

Does Her Bedroom History Bother You? Read This

For me, I generally never tell someone that I'm currently dating about any previous sexual experiences other than rough sketches yes, i've slept with roughly x amount of people. Let's try this thing--I really like it. You might say something like "Girlfriend, it bothers me a little when you describe in detail when you've had sex previously. Can we talk about something else? If what bothers you is the thought of her sleeping with other guys period, then it might be helpful to just talk it out with someone. We all have thoughts that aren't rational or helpful and sometimes it just is necessary to talk through them to their conclusion.

It might be helpful to go to a couple therapy sessions just to have a neutral third party to listen to you. Using the term "reconcile" doesn't really work after you've been dating someone for so long. Instead, go into a new relationship thinking, "Do I like this person? Now, the obvious answer based on your question is "but she told me! If you like her and she's being honest, have that conversation. If none of the above are true, feel free to elaborate further. Thanks for the swift replies everyone. I understand fully that this is a problem with myself, rather than my girlfriend.

A user commented that some of it may also have to do with the fact that a lot of the revelations from my girlfriend come despite me not asking, and even saying I don't want to know.

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Another user noted that emotions aren't rational. I think that sums it up pretty well. In my case at least, it seems to be a battle between emotion and logic. I'm positive that logic will win, but I have to confess that the purely emotional side can be really stubborn at times. Man don't be hard with yourself, it's totally OK to feel how you have felt, there is no problem at all. She did what she wanted to do and she totally entitled to, no problem with her.

And if you are not happy about it, you are totally allowed to move on and look for someone else. You only have one life and you'be better find someone with whom you are happy. I too struggle with this sometimes. My fiance and I have the same body count crude I know but I always thought it was funny to call it that lol but I have some other issues that go along with it. In the end I found it was my insecurities that were getting to me not her past.

Some things take time to fully get over. May be a few days or a few weeks or even longer but what you have to weigh in is what matters more. Ask yourself this, do your feelings for her weigh in more than her past? In relationships there will be feelings of insecurities but something that I have noticed and is my mantra in bad situations is "this too shall pass".

It means you probably won't care about this in the foreseeable future so don't worry about it now. Honestly just realize they don't have your girlfriend now. Also by the sounds of it she didn't give them her heart.

Does Her Sexual Past Bother You?

She gave it to you. Its not something to simply 'get over', if it genuinely makes you uncomfortable you gotta ask yourself how much and if you think it is going to impact the relationship. Speaking personally, if I found that out about my partner I would be pretty disgusted as well.

I feel for you my friend, it totally sucks. No man in his right mind wants to have a girlfriend with a past like that. I like that she has been open and honest about it and didn't try to pretend she was a "good girl". Either you break up with her and she will fall back into the lifestyle while you can find a partner without a shocking past. Originally Posted by Ironbru. Fuk that I wouldn't talk to her after seeing the texts, I would ignore her and move on.

She's talking to a old hook up that way. Move on she's no good. Need update OP, your not in prison are ya. Haven't talked to her about it yet, probably tonight at dinner. So in about hours. Originally Posted by FunkDaddy. Wtf do those last two texts mean, sounds like they're backwards Honestly dude, she sounds like it's hard for her not to cheat Could u ever really trust her now?

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The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics. Dude I looked through my girls cell before and I saw something. I called her out on that sh!

girlfriend getting contacted by a guy who she used to hook up with

Lettuce be real they would do the same. Originally Posted by FunAndSun. If someone is calling her at 4AM Either she shapes up or ships out. Don't put up with that crap. You are worth what you think are are worth. Do you think you are worth your girl's ex calling her at 4am and her telling you "oh its nothing baby?

I didn't think so.

I Hate My Girlfriend/Wife Sexual Past @Hodgetwins

Dump that situation or dump her. Do not be another guy that puts up with whorish behaviour. Dump her, all that needs to be said. Under other circumstances I would ask if the relationship is worth saving to you. As people get older, they tend to realize that, while scrutinizing a new [insert genitalia of choice] is pleasant, there are more important things in life. I say this because this is what happened to me. Earlier in my life, I was sleeping around a lot.

And this is a really common problem in relationships, especially romantic ones. We all forget how stupid we are: You want to know whether this girl is into the idea of being your long-term exclusive main squeeze?

Girlfriend’s history bothers the fuck out of me

Well, then, just ask her. She is a vital source of information. Just have a conversation about it. I know that the fashion among the young people on all the dating apps today is to be as chill as possible, which is to say, to project a state of pleasant indifference and not state your preferences at any time. And having a maybe-awkward conversation about it will be way better than spending long nights ruminating about whether you have a future together. Ultimately, what you have to do here is simple.