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I don't suggest using them in areas that are inaccessible simply because the oldest one I have is 7 years and though it's holding up fine, these haven't been around long enough to say what they'll do in That said, for our purposes here They are a bit more expensive but worth every penny as far as I'm concerned.

Just place the insert in the pipe and listen for the click, click. As for compression and threaded fittings Again, really simple and no soldering. Just put a little Teflon tape on the nipple, hand tighten them down, put a wrench on it to snug it up and yep, "voila". One last thing and then I'll let the pictures do the talking. You'll hear the term "dielectric" be thrown around when talking about water tank installation. In short, a dielectric nipple or union are needed because copper reacts chemically with certain metals.

In this case, the metal your water heater is made of. This reaction causes corrosion and ruins the integrity of the copper, in turn giving you leaks. Most every water heater today has dielectric nipples mounted on the unit already and if you use the braided Sharkbite lines shown in the picture above, you won't need a dielectric union either as they have it built right on the hose.

I use these on about every job nowadays. When reconnecting your gas line, work from the control valve on the water heater back to the union where you took it apart. This way, when you get to the union, you can connect the 2 lines without the parts unscrewing from each other. Once you've gotten to the union, line it up, begin to hand tighten and then put your 2 wrenches on it as you did when you took it apart. One on the big nut, one on the smaller nut below and turn them in opposite directions until snug.

This should complete your gas line hook up.

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Here are a couple of other things you need to know about running gas line. You still have your flue to hook up but this might be the simplest part of it all. Just slide it back into place at the chimney connection and lower it down onto the draft hood that you've been provided with your tank. As long as you're installing a similar water heater to the one you've just removed, these should line right back up.

Put the screws back in and At this point, now that you've read up on draining your water heater , you know how to fill up your water heater as well. Without further ado, and with the tank filled up, let's get the show back on the road by lighting up our water heater and watching as it works for the first time. By now, you've inspected for leaks but keep watching.

How to Install a Water Heater Yourself Quick and Simple

As our tank heats up and the pressure is stabilizing, leaks that weren't there before can begin to show themselves. So long as all is well, you should have hot water in no time. With some of the newer units, you may even have an LED light to tell you all is well on the control module. I hope this information has been helpful and the pictures useful in helping understand the parts and terminology being used. The work isn't rocket science, maybe not even as hard as the reading.

I just want to be as clear as possible, covering as many aspects of the task as possible. As always, never assume or guess at anything when working with your household appliances. Especially those that are gas burning or use electricity. These tasks are to be done carefully and with the understanding that there is risk involved. My aim is to help you, not put you in harms way. If you are not confident in performing these tasks, don't. Contact a professional to do this for you and feel better knowing what it is he's up to.

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What Kind of Hot Water Tank is Right For You?

Chase - Thank you for your comments. I do enjoy getting these from time to time from those who are upset by my teaching people how to do for themselves. Surely you're aware that the connection on the draft hood is 3" OR 4" venting as stated in the manual and since I'm well under max length per the venting tables that came with the unit, my chimney is centered in the home, and is B-Vent top to bottom, 3" was just fine.

Also, while 12" vertical is recommended, it is not mandatory and since I have a short ceiling, there is no way to meet that even with a lowboy which, I'm sure you know, has been increased in size due to the last set of EPA regulations. Since the gas cock is free turning and leak free there was no reason to change it and since I don't have to drink from it, I'm not concerned with lead content either. While I do appreciate your looking out for us "blind" folk, perhaps next time you could save the sarcasm for your friends.

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Talk about the blind leading the blind. Plus you need a wye, not a T where the water heater and furnace connect.

How to Replace a Tank Water Heater

Riley - There is a bit more to installing a tankless than a standard heater. Moving water lines, gas lines, venting and then is the follow up. If there is a breakdown, servicing the unit is a lot more complex. It's not something I would say is for the average homeowner to take on. Thank you for reading and commenting. What a stellar hub, Cre8tor! You made everything look so easy, and I could even understand it! I voted up and awesome. I'm going to share this hub, too. Perhaps water was then the root of all evil I read on the internet that the Algebraens sell the dirty water from the old water heater as mineral enhanced bottled water.

I'm sure many will choose not to but for those who do, I hope this helps them along the way. Thank you for sharing! I will be sharing Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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    Step 3: Consider alternative water heating options

    For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: Ain't She a Beauty? Save a Lot Replacing your hot water tank can be a costly venture. It's really not that much you see. All of this is likely something you have or can easily purchase at your local hardware or home improvement store.

    I am not covering soldering here. If you know how to solder, you already know what you need. Make sure the hot water faucets are still open and turn on the water supply. This keeps air from getting trapped in the water lines. Let the water flow from each faucet for one minute before turning them off. Reconnect the wires, turn on the power and wait for the water to heat up. Water Heater Maintenance Tips Check out these tips for recognizing problems with a water heater and keeping it maintained.

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