How to count how long youve been dating someone

Here are two options: The anniversary of your first date is the anniversary of your relationship. The answer to how long have you been together is "It's been six years since our first date" 2. Figure how long you think you've been a couple - say four years at this point. Then the answer to long you've been together is "four years but not all in a row" posted by metahawk at 8: When you're answering the question that people ask, you can say 'off and on for 6 years.

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Or just say '6 years' -- people who are asking such a basic question really don't want to know the ins and outs of your breakups. They might get to that point later but it's really too early to be having a big discussion about it if they don't even know how long you've been together. Nobody cares what you put on Facebook. Put whatever makes you happy.

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Or put nothing at all if trying to answer the question makes you unhappy. Because seriously, nobody else is going to care, and if anyone does, they are deliberately creating Facebook drama. Pick a duration that you feel is representative of your relationship. That question is just to ascertain if you've just started dating, are serious, or have been together an unusually long time. I would just say 6 years. Unless it's an interview for a green card or a deposition, nobody cares about whether you were actually together on June 1, Oddly enough, in my social circle, people do really care about this.

That is their problem. It's Facebook, put whatever you want. I think if the pre-now time is important to you, then go with that on Facebook and conversations. Those other people you were dating aren't more important than this relationship, otherwise you'd be with them now.

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If people really need clarification about how much you were ACTUALLY together during the time you were apart, that can take place during follow-up chitchat. I dated a woman on and off for 9 years. I would say out of those 9 years we were a couple for over 8 yrs. Whenever we were asked, since the whole story was really none of anyone's business, we just said 9 years. Fwiw, we both married other people and got divorced after 20 years of marriage to our respective spouses.

I am still friends with her.

How do you count how long you've been dating someone?

Whenever people ask us now, we still say 9 years. If you feel like explaining, say whatever fraction your wish.

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Otherwise I suggest just saying about 6 years and letting it go. Just date it back to your first date. Answer Questions What is a girls bar in Japan? What would you think if you met a guy named Kaitlyn? How did I creep her out? I'm heartbroken and can't get over them? Why do almost all women like getting choked? What can a woman do to become more attractive?

How do you count how long you’ve been with someone?

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