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It might also help to be a bit intuitive and try to figure out what could be bugging him, and then talking to him to show him you care. Remember to listen to him, instead of trying to frantically cheer him up, though. There's no need to get worried. At heart, he's full of love and the love doesn't disappear just because he needs a bit of space. The Scorpio woman is strong and passionate. She needs a partner who is also strong, otherwise, she'll lose interest fast or the relationship just won't work.

People born under the Scorpio sign are fiercely honest with their partners while offering them a lot of mental stimulation as well as challenges, according to Thought Catalog. That might sound quite draining, but it can be exciting.

They'll secretly love it if you rise to the challenge and show them just how strong and independent you can be, too. The thing about Scorpios is that they'll push you to become the best version of yourself. They're invested in your personal growth. If you can't handle them motivating you, the relationship's not going to work. But there are rewards for being in the relationship - the Scorpio woman is defiantly loyal and will be there to support you through thick and thin. In fact, even when it comes to displaying the darker sides of your personality, Scorpio isn't a sign that will be put off by them.

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They're the type of people who will want to explore those sides of your personality and even help you deal with all your issues, the Thought Catalog site points out. A Pisces boyfriend will be very romantic and spontaneous. This will bring lots of excitement and fun to your relationship, but you have to do your part to keep your relationship going strong. A Pisces man will secretly adore it if he puts himself out there and declares his love, and he sees that you love the way in which he's shown it.

It sounds a tad harsh, but he's just really honest and doesn't waste his time. The Pisces guy, when he feels he's in the right relationship, will be very charming, respectful, and caring to his partner.

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If he's chosen you, you can guarantee that he'll be in the relationship percent. When the issue of buying gifts for a partner comes up in a relationship, it can be a bit confusing and anxiety-causing. You want to give your partner something special that they'll be able to use and love forever. If you're dating a Pisces woman, when her birthday or Christmas rolls around, she'll secretly be holding her thumbs that you'll give her something really creative.

She doesn't want anything generic or impersonal. The gift you choose should stand out. Things become even trickier when choosing a gift for the Pisces woman in your life because she's not a materialistic person.

According to The Coveteur , a Pisces woman is extremely feminine and enjoys it when her partner acknowledges that part of her personality. So, that means, you should choose gifts that make her feel feminine and beautiful, such as perfume, flowers, or sentimental love poems. The site goes on to add that since she's not a materialistic person if you can't afford to buy her a gift, a good idea is to make one for her yourself.

She'll value the thinking and creative work behind the gift idea, especially because she's such a creative sign herself. She'll appreciate the effort you've made. The Libra man is quite a sensitive soul with a large ego that he doesn't like to see get bruised.

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Dating him means that you should sharpen your communication skills because he loves to talk - he can literally talk the night away, with a specific love for discussing intellectual topics. He's also a highly social being. However, during arguments, you should be careful not to be brutally honest with him because he'll get hurt. Secretly, he just wants you to stroke his ego. Praise him with compliments and he'll be putty in your hands.

The best compliments to give your Libra boyfriend are those pertaining to his intelligence because he loves stimulating conversations so much. However, it's worth pointing out that you shouldn't lie when you're praising him - a Libra man has a strong in-built lie detector! If he catches you out on a lie, it'll just bruise his ego even more. As pointed out by Thought Catalog , "Libras are all about fair play and justice. Any sense of dishonesty or unfairness from a potential significant other is the easiest way to lose his interest. They'll be open about their love of fairness, but maybe not so much that they want you to stroke their ego, so giving them a bit of praise will score lots of points.

Libra women share the same desire as Libra men: But for Libra women, she wants to know that she looks stylish. The reason is not just because she needs her ego stroked, but rather because she works hard to look good every day, and doesn't want her efforts to go unnoticed. She's quite the perfectionist, and this can be seen in the attention she pays to getting her winged eyeliner and outfit just right.


So, when your Libra girlfriend gets a gorgeous new haircut or color or buys new suede boots, make sure you tell her how beautiful she looks. It will make her smile for days. As pointed out on MSN , she's a hopeless dreamer and has idealistic views of love. She strives to have the perfect fairytale relationship and doesn't want to be criticized for that.

You should share in her dreams - it will mean the world to her. If you can't do that, you can at least admire her imagination and relationship goals. She's definitely one who likes to dream big and that's refreshing. When dating a man born under the sign of Aquarius, be sure that you're generally a positive person. More than anything, this is what he secretly admires in his chosen partner.

See, Aquarius men are quite sensitive souls even if they come across as being strong and full of life when you first meet them. As pointed out by the Astrology Zodiac Signs website, since his Sun is in detriment, this can have the effect of making the Aquarius man vulnerable to many different issues. Sometimes he has the tendency to take everything personally, even if it has nothing to do with him. However, he'll especially lose his good mood if he feels constant disrespect in his relationship, such as if his partner criticizes him regularly. Over time, this negative atmosphere will break him down.

He really can't deal with the negativity and will end up detaching himself from his partner. Since he's exciting to be with - he's the guy who'll suggest paragliding on your second date instead of the traditional coffee meeting, or buy you a kitten just because he felt like it - you're in for a treat, but he expects you to have the positive, adventure-based mind that he does in order for your relationship to work.

Don't hesitate to jump in! If you're not serious about having a relationship with an Aquarius woman, then rather get out now before you lead her on any further. Aquarius women need security and clarity in relationships. They want you to define the relationship early on and be crystal clear about what you're really looking for from the relationship. That's just the beginning - Aquarius can be a pretty challenging person. She's an emotional, deep person who feels things in a way that might be different from the norm, according to Zodiac Thing. She connects with you in a way that she might not be able to explain or others might not be able to , and this can make her feel quite insecure or misunderstood in the relationship.

So, what she really wants from her partner is understanding and someone who's not afraid to rise to meet her challenges. That means, for example, that she wants a boyfriend who'll call when he said he would and not go back on his word, and for him to know how to deal when she's feeling particularly emotional. If you know how to make her feel loved when she's in tears, she'll be thankful forever.

Aquarius women wear their hearts on their sleeves and are very loving. A Gemini boyfriend is not going to be like any other guy you've met. He's the type of guy who loves to surprise his partner. So get prepared for lots of unexpected things! He might want to take you to lots of different, exciting places on dates, or give you interesting and unique gifts from time to time.

He's always unpredictable, which makes for an exciting relationship.

There's never a dull moment around the Gemini guy! What he really wants from his partner is what he brings to the relationship: Since the Gemini man is also intensely curious, he'll want you to admire this trait in him instead of questioning it. If you're dating a Gemini woman, don't for a minute assume that she's going to be clingy or want to see you every single day. That's definitely not the type of girlfriend she is! The Gemini woman values her independence. She wants to be with someone who encourages her to have her space so she can chase her dreams and goals, and follow her personal interests.

It's a bonus if her partner is also the type of person to crave space and time alone. That way, they're on the same page.

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According to Astrology Bay , the Gemini woman is an Air sign, which means she desires constant space, adventure, and change in her relationship. She can't be tied down to one thing and would rather get out and do something different on the weekend rather than staying indoors. When you give her the space she wants, she'll always come back to you because she won't feel trapped. You just have to get used to the fact that when she's taking a bit of a time out for herself, you won't get any replies to your texts or calls.

She'll get to them when she gets to them and will appreciate not being disturbed. If you want to impress the Aries guy you've started dating, make sure you get to the date location on time.