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During the daytime, you will explore some of the major cities, such as Moscow, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Ulan Bator, Beijing, and more, and spend most of the nights on board of the train.

En route, you will have the chance to admire the expanses of the stunning Gobi Desert, marvel at the natural beauty of the Mongolian Alps, be delighted by the ravishing views of Lake Baikal, and get captivated by some of the most dramatic sceneries in Europe and Asia. Click here to find out how you can join this epic adventure experienced effortlessly.

5 Railfan Dating Tips and Ideas

This tour takes you on a wonderful day railway journey, relaxing and sophisticated. If you are looking for a leisurely way to explore a country or region, there is no better way to see the very heart of that destination, than by rail. Travelling by private train offers a comfortable and private oasis for you to sit and enjoy the ever-changing view from your cabin, or alternatively wile away the time in the Bar Lounge Car and enjoy sumptuous International cuisine in the elegant Restaurant Car.

The highlights of the tour are the cobbled, colourful streets of Sighisoara, Stari Most Bridge in Mostar, the Tunnel Museum in Sarajevo and the magnificent Postojna caves in Ljubljana - all of them a must-see. Click here to book your seat. This day tour starts in the Northwestern region of Argentina, with a guided tour of Salta, the historical strategic point between Peruvian and Argentinian cities. You will visit the Hills of Seven Colors, Quebrada de Humahuaca, Cafayate, Tucuman, and many small prehispanic towns and other historic sites along the way, and you will inevitably feel the passion of tango during one of the tango shows in Buenos Aires.

Withal, the unarguable highlight of the tour is the ride on the Train to the Clouds, build with no breaks while controlling its speed using the winding route through the mountains. On its way from Salta to Purmamarca, it passes 19 tunnels, 29 bridges, many ravines and offers absolutely breathtaking scenery.

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To learn more about the railroad trips included in this tour, click here. Slovakia is predominantly a hilly country, offering the chance to enjoy some of the most scenic railway routes, and this trip is designed for both: It includes excursions to some of the country's principal attractions, such as the railway depots in Bratislava and Vrutky, and two main museums with railway-related exhibits in Bratislava and Nitra. The excursion to the capital's Museum of Transportation will provide an insight into its rare collections of cars, locomotives and Slovak railway heritage items. The Slovak Agricultural Museum in Nitra maintains a unique steam railway and several steam tractors.

You will appreciate the multitude of train trips that the tour offers, and its highlights are the Cervena Skala — Margecany route with tunnels and bridges through the Slovak Ore Mountains, and the unique Black Hron forest railway.

Bringing the rail network up to date

To find out how you can explore Slovakia by Steam , click here. On this railway trip, you will relish the charms of train-travel and try Canadian cuisine and regional specialties, freshly prepared on board.

You will enjoy this stress-free railway journey with ease, comfort and exceptional service. If you are a steam engine lover looking for a truly scenic railroad tour, Saxony by Steam is the one not to be missed. One of the most scenic regions in Germany, Saxony abounds in winding valleys and rugged mountain ranges, offering terrific views to the eyes of the beholder. And the most comfortable way to get up-close with that is by taking this historic narrow-gauge railway trip.

Additionally, prepare to enjoy yourself on the Paddle steamer cruise to Meissen, which is also part of this package. Click to learn the full itinerary of the Saxony by Steam railway tour. If your dream is to explore Australia, this tour is the perfect opportunity to make your dream come true. The itinerary of the tour is quite special, covering Australia just like a few other tours could.

15 Most Exciting Railway Tours for Train Lovers

On this trip you will enjoy day tours of Cairns, Darwin, Adelaide, and Sydney, and get the opportunity to engage in a wide range of activities, such as visiting cultural sites and historic landmarks, relaxing, snorkeling or scuba diving, sightseeing, shopping, to name just a few. The two day railroad journey on The Ghan will present travelers the most spectacular Australian landscapes, leaving memories of dazzling sceneries that would be hard to forget.

The Ghan North to South tour is described in detail here.

A day tour of Peru covering the railroad itineraries that offer the most fascinating sights this country has to offer! You will spend two nights aboard the train, and in the daytime you will enjoy the guided tours to the cultural and historic sites of Peru as well as shorter train trips between sites. You will be captivated by a comprehensive tour of Lima, prior to heading to Arequipa, Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Machu Picchu, and other destinations. On top of all that, you will enjoy the cruise of Lake Titicaca, which will take you to the floating islands of the Uros and Taquile Islands.

High speed trains: bringing the rail network up to date

Check the full description of this ultimate Peru train adventure here. They seek to reduce pollutants and emissions, move growing passenger volumes quickly, safely and in comfort, and control fuel use for more efficient and cost-effective running. High-speed links are a key part in the modernisation of railways around the world, but the majority of the UK rail network is well established, having been built over decades, and demands that new trains are able to run on mixed lines with overhead electrification, an electrified third rail or with their own diesel engines.

These new trains must combine modern efficiencies with these older standards and systems. Following delivery of the Javelin fleet, Hitachi was awarded contracts to build and maintain InterCity Express trains for the East Coast and Great Western Mainlines, replacing ageing HST rolling stock with a combination of fully electric and, in an unusually hybridised design, joint electric and diesel engines.

Energy generated by the train braking is stored in on-board batteries and re-used to power the train forwards when it moves off again.

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This reduces fuel consumption, while cutting up to 60 per cent of the harmful substances in exhaust gases and lowering the noise of stopping at a station by approximately 30db - an enormous benefit for anyone living nearby. Speed is of the essence for many travellers, which is why modern train-makers make acceleration a top priority.

Faster departures and smoother journeys all add to the comfort levels for travellers. But decades of commuter experience has also led to the expectation for disabled access, additional leg room, more seats per train, air conditioning, Wi-Fi and power sockets, LCD seat reservation displays and even pressure-sealed coaches that eliminate the ear-popping entries high-speed trains make when enter tunnels. This will lead to over new jobs and apprenticeships, says Karen Boswell, managing director of Hitachi Rail Europe, while providing passengers with extra seats, greater capacity and a more comfortable on-board experience.

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