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You have an obligation and a duty to protect, nurture and care for your kid s. Would you bring a rabid dog into your house just because they want a pet? Stay single and focus on your kid s. There is a very good reason for all those fairy tales about evil stepmothers. I am a sole custodial father, I have had custody of my daughter since she was 18 months old, she will be 18 years old soon.

My chosen profession made this a tad challenging at times, until i retired fairly young age. I have been involved with several women, since I divorced her mother. I have refused to be in any type of serious relationship for the last 5 years, my last LTR pushed me over the edge with relationship BS. Without fail, each and every woman I had experienced an intimate relationship with, regarding my child fell into 1 of 3 of the following scenarios:. Blended family mother, the start of things going bad. These women insinuated themselves into a familial situation with my daughter and I.

It was a lot worse if she had children of her own. Usually they tried to divide and conquer using Parental Alienation techniques. Black widow aka evil step mother.

Should a single father date single mothers

These ones were a bit smarter and hid their intent extremely well. The whole goal is to separate you from your child, any other child involved, and any and all support you have available. Once they feel they have achieved that, they then remove all resources from you, and chuck you away like garbage. BTW this is all your fault in their mind and statements, and the kids will back her up on it. The last LTR I was in was insane. It almost cost me my daughter literally she was verging on suicidal.

It did however cost me almost k and 5 years of sacrifice to rebuilt from that experience. Re-read what I just posted. Would you seriously consider anything outside of scenario 1 or being alone?

The logical benefits of single parent dating

We both have teenagers her a son, me a daughter. Kid does well in school, etc. I know that I may be the exception to the rule, but older kids teenagers and up tend to be much easier than younger children. Also, multiple children is a real pain. So, if you wanna date, be prepared to make compromises or stay single. I never dated a single mother banged em, but nothing serious stretch marks and ass pimples together?

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Thanks all, for the insightful replies. A humorous little nugget emerged the other day while the site was down. A couple years ago soon after my divorce saga began my mom wanted to introduce me to a friend of hers daughter who was ten years younger and a single mother. So I agreed to meet her and had dinner with this girl and did not find her attractive at all, she brought her baby to dinner, and basically she was like a personification of negative stereotypes of single mothers.

After dinner I said goodbye and she hugged me and said she understood what I was going through and if I ever needed to talk just give her a call and gave me her phone number which I promptly threw away. Anyway, fast forward and on Monday my mother found out through the grape vine that this single mother had gotten into drugs and was now stealing stuff all over town and had lost custody of her two children to their respective fathers. So I dodged a bullet there. A few convenient shortcodes for creating graphic symbols in your posts.

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Simply include the square brackets [mgtow] for the symbol to display. All functionality will return when joining resumes. Each topic or reply has a "quote" button on the right. Whether from the start, via divorce, or some other scenario, eventually you will start thinking about having a partner. The first time you think about dating again, it sounds exciting. Until you try it.

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Then you never want to do it again. Then you do it again. Because your kids and all. How you actually have to take care of your children. And be responsible for their well being. Sometimes they get it. Because you already have kids. Have you been here?

I got divorced when my kids were 4 and 2. Now they are 16 and There were some nice relationships. And because I was emotionally unavailable. My ex is in the picture. She always has been. We live near each other so the kids spend one week with me and then one week with her. So for dating it would appear that this arrangement could be advantageous.

If you actually want to date. So some of the rigors of dating that I have encountered have been self-imposed. But I am ok with that. In 12 years my kids have met a fair amount of women, at all stages of relationships. I have made a lot of mistakes in relationships. This list is to help those who are dating single parents to understand how best to support them and nurture the relationship the right way.

But also to help single parents avoid some of the mistakes I have made. Ask questions about their kids.

Please Listen To Me, For Your Own Good

Be interested in what their kids would be like. Look at photos if you are shown them. After all, children need to know that an addition to the family is a positive bonus, and not someone that will rock the stability of family life. Thankfully, with EliteSingles your chances of meeting a committed, like-minded US single have never been better — register with our dating agency today to boost your luck in love! EliteSingles logo Single Parents. Please select your gender and search gender. Please use a valid email address.

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