Im dating my moms ex

I'm in love with my mom's ex boyfriend from 23 years ago!

I bet he reeks of desperation and you mistake it as expensive cologne because you don't know any better. Plus, family is forever.

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There are tons of hot guys that are good in bed that are ur own age. First off go back to school and learn how to speak english and make complete sentences that make sense second this is a topic for jerry springer third the same guy that was in your mother is now in you any chance you live in a trailer park? Im actually in the same relationship im 18 and hes 49 bt it isnt my moms ex Then No, It's not the samee thingg.

Well it is normal for young women to be sexually attracted to their father figure. The fact that the man was in a relationship with your mother and is now having one with is wrong. Think of the effects your relationship with him will have on your mother. My cousin actually did the same thing and it ruined her relationship with her mother. Years later the guy is gone but they still do not talk. The mom still feels betrayed and hurt.

Dear Ibby, Is it okay to date my mom's ex-boyfriend? I'm 23 and he's old. | Rooster Magazine

So, if I date your mum for a bit, will you give me a shot too, sweety? Have fun, but you realize a 49 year old guy would only be with an 18 year old girl if she was willing, thats it though, any willing 18 year old. I know some really hot older guys too. Ah what the hell, you are old enough to make porn or die for your country, why not learn one of lifes toughest lessons early on?

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Seems like you have a father complex so you are attracted to older men. As your farther must have left you sometime during your childhood, from your mother playing around. And because he was with your mother maybe you are associating him as a farther figure somehow due to thier past relationship. It's normal to feel this way but I don't think its normal to date your mom's ex.

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  • Dear Ibby, Is it okay to date my mom's ex-boyfriend? I'm 23 and he's ... old..

Does is not feel weird that she has been there first, or that your family will already know him and associate him with her, not to mention how uncomfortable it may be for your mother. Just think, he will actually be able to compare notes of you and your mom. If none of that weird stuff bothers you then go for it but it will probably haunt you in the future.

Is it normal to b 18 and dating my mom's ex who is 49 years old n hot? Help us keep this site organized and clean. She just is going through a selfish stage because it helps her self esteem. Honestly all you can do is wait it out, it probably won't last long anyway. He may be doing it to make you jealous who broke up with who? I feel bad I don't have anymore advice, hope this helps. Why would a 19 year old date your mom? Wow, talk about insensitive.

On the other hand, maybe they deserve joy for however long it lasts? Maybe you should chill, and put this one in the "bank" for when you might, in the future, be accused of making strange life decisions. And, you have to admit, it is slightly hilarious. This might be a very good embarassing Mom story in ten years. Steps Toget Ex Back Guaranteed: I can understand why you feel that way you shouldn t have to endure that she definitely should have more respect for you then that a mother is the one that you feel comfortable talking to when you get your heart broken who do you turn to..

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  4. Go stay with your friends. Pack a bag and go and she should get the message. Not sure what you can do. She is a disgrace to do this to you. As for the ex, well he probably fancied the more experienced woman.

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