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Louis more able to meet his needs. During World War I, there was a shortage of butter and Dazey developed a churn where you could add one pound of butter and one pound of milk and end up with two pounds of butter. The company did very well during the war. In the late 's Dazey introduced a wall type can opener with a cutting wheel that revolutionized the can opener industry.

At this time the churn business was beginning to decline due to many farmers moving to the cities and Dazey began producing other kitchen items. By the end of World War II, Dazey began manufacture other products, and by the 's the brand was sold to Landers, Frary and Clark, the manufacturers of Universal products, and eventually to the Rival Company who eventually killed the brand.

Whey strainers on Dazey churns were not at first used. Probably around there was introduced a oval type whey strainer with a removable top. This was soon followed by a rather squarish designed slip in unit that did it job fairly well. After the old Square shoulder jars disappeared from the scene and the slopped shoulder jar came in being.

The Patented date would indicate that in , Feb. One of the more unusual models, used in the s, was a metal and tin framed butter churn with wooden dashers and gears. Louis area produced discounted models. Dazey and the Blow Churn company in England collaborated on several models. Blow churns were made in most of the same sizes that our American churns were made in.

Vintage Antique Patent Date Dazey Butter Churn No. 40 Jar 4 Qt

An English Quart has a different oz. Electricity did not really hit the Midwest until around the early 's.

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Hand made churn butter was a daily staple, often a family member had the chore of making butter once a week. In the later part of the 's a new churn was introduced by Dazey Churn Co.


On the bottom of the Jar held all of the company information. These units were also famous for its red football designed cover of the metal gears that powered the paddles below. These are reported to have came in 2,4,6,and 8 sizes. These churns were just before the electric models came into being and were not manufactured long.

Some of the later types of these had a built in whey strainer on the metal cap part. Thousands of companies in some way lead to the making of Butter Churns after the 's and up into nearly the mid 's. Several dozen churn designs were patented a year. Some of the earliest patents were in the mid 's and continued into the 's, probably over churn patent entries.

After the cream was churned, the resulting butter still needed to be worked and paddled to remove the excess water.

Old Time Churns Butter Up Collectors

Often done by hand, simply by working the butter in a large wooden bowl, the water removal process could be quickened by the use of a simple machine called a butter worker. These old gadgets date to the early s and look like a flat box, fitted with a corrugated wooded roller turned by a crank. After removing water, the butter was shaped into butter molds and stamped. Usually showing a design of flowers, animals, fruit and such, some butter molds had initials. In early years, butter would be marked to show the farm or family that made it. There were even small molds that shaped butter into the three-dimensional look of an animal or acorn, like a butterball.

Butter-making - home churns and utensils

Stamps were usually made of hardwood, but some were produced in glass, pottery and aluminum. I am looking for people that worked for Consolidated Freight ways. Butch Allen Road Hog butchnd aol. Check out the links below to some very interesting sites. Check out this great collection of butter churns.

We have parts for sale. You may use pay pal to pay us at butchnd aol. Short history of the Dazey Churn Company. The Find Of Our Lives.

Butter churn

Beveled Edge Dazey Churn. Raised Screen Dazey Churn. Transition 40 Dazey Butter Churn. Patented Dated Dazey Butter Churn.