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The Vulturions were seen committing a heist until they were stopped by Spider-Man upon him being tipped off by Ulysses Cain. During the " Spider-Geddon " storyline, the Vulturions are on a heist where they encounter Miles Morales. Despite some difficulty, Miles defeats the Vulturions. He is a mutate vigilante rather than a supervillain, mercilessly killing and eating criminals. During battle, Spider-Man is temporarily blinded by an acid the creature spits in his face.

Vulture dating

During The Gauntlet storyline, he escapes prison and goes after the mobsters responsible for his transformation. The first mobster he finds reveals Vulture's past as the Maggia 's " cleaner " Jimmy Natale , and then claims that the transformation was caused by J.

In truth, it was actually biochemist Dr. Charlie Goss who used the machines that were previously used by Dr. Farley Stillwell and his brother Dr. Harlan Stillwell so that they can have a newer Vulture. It was Charlie Goss that claimed that Jameson had a hand in his creation when he confessed to the authorities about Vulture. Vulture then killed the mobster. Vulture is later seen soaring above the ruins of the Daily Bugle and past a jobless, depressed Peter Parker into the night. In the Origin of the Species story-arc, Vulture joins Doctor Octopus' supervillain team, which was assembled to procure specific items.

He attacks Spider-Man, who was caring for Lily Hollister 's newborn child, in Hamilton Heights, but their fight is interrupted by Freak. The two villains team-up after a brief scrimmage, and are knocked out by Spider-Man. A further-mutated Vulture is hired by the Exchange to assassinate the Punisher. They were about to extract the Venom suit from Eddie Brock, Jr. Drago received his equipment from the Tinkerer Elijah Stern. He was defeated by Spider-Man and taken into S.

When the Green Goblin broke out, several other villains including Drago escape in the chaos; a news report depicts Vulture's recapture at Captain America 's hands. Osborn breaks him and the rest out of the Triskelion, and after their escape, informs them that God wishes for them to kill Spider-Man. In the Earth X reality, Adrian has mutated into a more vulture-like appearance, with real wings, claws and beak, due to the action of the Terrigen Mists. In the House of M reality, Vulture is one of Rhino's friends who helped him attack and detain the Green Goblin for ruining the best chance at a good life Rhino ever had.

Here he is a mutant who can fly naturally. In the Marvel reality, the group of warriors working for Otto von Doom are referred to as the Vulture-Fliers and wear flight enabling armor similar to the mainstream universe Vulture. In Marvel , a new Vulture is a recurring foe of that era's Spider-Man. This version of the character uses advanced combat armor to fly, and is an insane cannibal who wishes to rule the sky. In his debut, the Vulture saves Spider-Man from a group of thugs, and proposes an alliance against the Public Eye Police Force with him, but Spider-Man rejects his offer of partnership when he realizes the Vulture is a man-eater.

Spider-Man and the Vulture fight, their battle bringing them to a church, where the Vulture and his followers "The Freakers" are driven off by Spider-Man's ally Kasey Nash and her gang, the Throwbacks. When the original Spider-Man is brought to the year due to two companies one in , the other in the past experimenting with extra-dimensional generators, he fights and defeats the Vulture before meeting his successor, Spider-Man The Marvel Noir version of Adrian Toomes a.

Toomes was responsible for the death of Ben Parker , whom the Vulture cannibalized after Parker was beaten by Osborn's Enforcers. In issue 4, Vulture took May Parker hostage and attempted to kill her, but Spider-Man killed him instead. In the second issue of Marvel Zombies , an undead Adrian Toomes can be seen among a group of zombified heroes, whom he later aids in attacking the Silver Surfer. Just as Machine Man killed the other three wingsters, Vulture, after almost being torn in half by a dangling Jocasta, attempted to retreat to his boss , but was blown up by Machine Man before he could successfully escape.

In the one-shot prequel to Marvel Zombies , Marvel Zombies: Teaming up with Roderick Kingsley , Vulture targeted Wasp. After Hobgoblin was knocked off his glider and Wasp was shot in the chest, Giant-Man crushed Vulture in his hands. They are sent after the Ben Reilly of Earth by Verna. The Vulture appears in the first arc in the Spider-Gwen solo series taking place on Earth where Gwen Stacy was bitten by the radioactive spider.


Vulture appears more deranged than his Earth incarnation and secretes a green gaseous cloud wherever he goes. Vulture was attacking police officers while mentioning how Spider-Woman "killed" Peter Parker and was easily lured out by Gwen who wrote graffiti insults towards him all over the city. Once she caught his attention, both fought. As Vulture was flying away, Spider-Woman shot a webline in order to be carried away with him and follow him.

However, Vulture used the claws in his suit to rip the web, causing Spider-Woman to fall from a great height [90] With Spider-Woman believed dead, Vulture was captured by Kingpin's henchmen and beaten up by Matt Murdock. Vulture admitted not being certain of Spider-Woman's death due to the lack of a body. He was ordered by Matt Murdock to find evidence of her survival.

Gwen, who was on the scene, used the gas as a cover to change to her Spider-Woman suit and confront Vulture. After being shot in the shoulder by George Stacy, Vulture was forced to flee. Spider-Woman followed him where she managed to beat him even though she was under the effects of the gas.

He was then left webbed to a police car. His costume now has a beak-like mouth cover. During the " Spider-Geddon " storyline, there is a gang that is named after him called the Vulture Gang that is led by Kid Vulture. They are defeated by Spider-Man, Spinneret, and Spiderling and left for the police.

This interruption led to a fight between Toomes' security force and Spider-Punk's Spider-Army until it was interrupted by the arrival of the forces led by Ducktor Doom of Earth From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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This section's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved 2 January Retrieved 22 June As the sinister Vulture - soon to be a major foe of Spidey — debuted, Peter Parker set out to earn the reward money offered by The Daily Bugle for snapping a photo of the winged villain.

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The Adamantium Agenda 1. Renew Your Vows 1. Renew Your Vows 4. Monday, February 11, ". Saturday, December 8, ". Homecoming' Confirms Vulture Is Villain".

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Retrieved 23 May Retrieved 21 May Retrieved 22 July Behind The Voice Actors. Characters and Cast Revealed". Retrieved 11 June Retrieved 19 September Stan Lee Steve Ditko. Return of the Sinister Six Spider-Man 2: Marv Wolfman Dave Cockrum. Felicia Hardy Walter Hardy. Daily Bugle Oscorp Stark Industries. Who Wants to Be a Superhero? His conservative allies or everybody else?

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    Eminem Tells Vulture He Uses Dating Apps Like Grindr

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