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Also, keep sex out of it. Sex prettymuch ruins it, It's selfish. I think the most Biblical way to go about things is for the man to buy himself a wife. According to the Bible, women are property so it's only fair that they should be paid for. As for courtship, I prefer to interact with my love interests one on one. Being with their or my family all the time would make me hide parts of myself from them and they would likely do the same. I want to know those I love. It is really the same as dating but with a different mentality as some just date for sex or recreation, courting implies dating with the intent of a serious relationship.

It is a fine idea for someone who is interested in settling down.

Courting vs dating

I agree it is good to get to know some one before you marry. I do not agree with aranged marraiges at all. Related Questions Courtship or sex??? What are some rules of Courtship? Is it okay to kiss in courtship? Philippine courtship customs and traditions, advice.?

Does long courtship guarantee successful marriage?

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If all early men originates Africa as supported by archaeological evidences, is Adam and Eve also from Africa? Usually courtship is a public affair, done in public and with family approval. With all these activities in place, the question today is whether lengthy period of courtship guarantees a successful marriage?

WhatÂ’s the difference between courtship and dating?

What matters is that both parties are able to know themselves very well within the period of courtship. I think it is wrong for people to court for a short period as it may imply that the people involved are in a rush. But courting for a long period does not also mean that the marriage will eventually be successful because we have actually seen people who courted for several years get divorced. Long period of courtship also has its advantages and disadvantages.

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One of those disadvantages include not having much respect for each other in pidgin English, you can say it is see finish because it gives the people involved the opportunity of knowing each other in and out. Sometimes too, long period of courtship has been responsible for a lot of break ups in relationships. You know, I call that madness. That is why you still see people who court for so long break up after sometime. Both those who courted for short and long period experience break ups so the solution is not with how long. The only advantage with long courtship is that it helps you know your partner better than you would in a shorter period.

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Also remember that people pretend so you may only find out those qualities the person wants you to know in some cases no matter how long. What else do you expect of a marriage where the parties involved never got to be friends not to talk of courting each other.