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Kurenai had been dating Naruto for the past two months and he had been as loud and sweet as ever. They went out the first time after she had been comforted by him when she got all depressed about being a single woman. And wouldn't you know it, guess who was there sitting on the tree? Our favorite loudmouth; the one and only Naruto.

That was proven as throughout the date, Naruto had not slurped all gulped his food down. He was really a sweet person. Followed by… if you want to know. I'll give you a hint: Too big of a hint, no? But this wasn't out of desire, or even lust. As it turned out, Naruto had been having a crush on Kurenai ever since he had laid eyes on her for the first time during the Chuunin exam three years ago.

Dinner Date Chapter 2: Kurenai's date, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

And on this very night on their date, he told her. And what was a crush For the past month, not one of their dates had been on time: At this precise moment, Kurenai was waiting for her boyfriend under the moonlight on a bridge over a sparkling river shining with the light of the stars above. She turned a deeper red than him as he went down on one knee and took out a small black box from one of the pockets of his pants. And Naruto and Kurenai would remember this day as the day that their lives were brought together. Naruto chose that moment to jump down from the tree above Team 8 which he'd snuck into.

Naruto gave her a foxy grin which made her blush even more. He was completely oblivious to it though Shino won't believe me that Kurenai-sensei isn't straight. Kiba crossed his arms over his chest, "Sensei and Asuma-san aren't dating, they just hang out alot. You just haven't seen her with Anko-san! Akamaru and me saw it, right Akamaru? Kiba's jaws dropped slightly.

He wasn't exactly taking Kiba's challenge seriously. In less than a second, Naruto was standing in front of Kiba, staring intendly at him. Kiba grinned at his success while Naruto asked, "So, what is it? Kiba thought for a second before answering, "You have to get Kurenai-sensei to date and kiss with the same guy, any guy, in Konoha to prove she's straight within five days. If she dates Anko for some reason, I win and you're not allowed to tell her about this bet to get her to date someone.

Naruto stood there for a few minutes, deep in thought. Now what would he make Kiba do?

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An image of Tsunade popped up in his head. Then he smirked evilly resulting in Kiba staring at him nervously. Shino, Kiba and Hinata were hiding in a few bushes in the distance, observing everything Naruto was doing. Kiba insisted that Naruto may try to cheat so they'd have to watch his every move. Now this caught Kakashi's attention. He closed his book and a glint appeared in Kakashi's eyes It took Naruto a moment to register the way Kakashi was staring at him and the way he'd asked that he realized what Kakashi had meant.

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I just need some information for Naruto quickly explained to Kakashi the bet he and Kiba were having. He also told Kakashi not to tell anyone or Kurenai might find out. Naruto sweatdropped, "Kakashi-sensei, what I meant are the things she likes, not how she looks. I already know how she looks like! She's your colleague but you don't know what she likes? He really looked like his year old self when he did that. He didn't know why, but he felt much more comfortable about telling Kakashi. And even though Naruto was pretty tall for his age, cm, Asuma still seemed to be much taller and looming over him Right now, he was trying to ask this 'giant' about something that he hadn't even asked Kakashi since his sensei seemed to be clueless about Kurenai.

Asuma almost spit his cigar out of his mouth, but regained his composure quickly. A light blush tinted his face. It was pretty obvious that he liked her And even though this wasn't directed at him, he still found himself turning slightly red. What's wrong with the Rookies?

As the group continued to talk in their small groups. Then the girls turned to the boys, "Hey Naruto", the guys turned to see why the girls wanted Naruto. Everyone ignoring them went back to questioning Naruto. Getting nowhere Kakashi turned to the sensei, "I think I have an idea. Looking down at Naruto at Naruto he sighed.

In one movement he had one arm around Naruto's waist pulling him close. The other arm tilting Naruto's face up and his lips getting closer to Naruto's.