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The gameplay of Ms. Pac-Man is very similar to that of the original Pac-Man. The player earns points by eating pellets and avoiding ghosts contact with one causes Ms. Pac-Man to lose a life. Eating an energizer or "power pellet" causes the ghosts to turn blue, allowing them to be eaten for extra points. Bonus fruits can be eaten for increasing point values, twice per round. As the rounds increase, the speed increases, and energizers generally lessen the duration of the ghosts' vulnerability, eventually stopping altogether.

After level 7, any fruit will appear, although its point value will be the same unlike in Pac-Man , in which the Key will always be the fruit after level Part of the settlement terms barred GCC from selling future conversion kits without consent from the original game manufacturer.

Rather than scrapping Crazy Otto entirely, the programmers chose to present the completed game to Midway, Namco 's American distributor of Pac-Man. Midway had become impatient in waiting for Namco to release its next Pac-Man game which would be Super Pac-Man , and were enthusiastic that such a game had come to their attention. In final development the game's name and characters experienced multiple changes.

Sprites , text, and minor game elements were altered to better reflect the Pac-Man series. Inspired by the cutscenes of Crazy Otto featuring Crazy Otto's female counterpart, the lead character was made female and the game was renamed Pac-Woman. That name was dropped in favor of Miss Pac-Man , but the developers then realized that, given the third intermission showing a stork delivering a baby to Pac-Man and the player's character, confusion could arise about their relationship.

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In light of this, the name was changed to Mrs. Pac-Man , and then finally to Ms.

Pac-Man , which rolled off the tongue easier. According to one estimate, a majority of Pac-Man players were women. Pac-Man was conceived in response to the original Pac-Man being "the first commercial videogame to involve large numbers of women as players" and that it is "our way of thanking all those lady arcaders who have played and enjoyed Pac-Man. After the game became wildly popular, Midway and GCC undertook a brief legal battle concerning royalties. The Killer List of Videogames notes that the game was accomplished without Namco's consent, causing both companies to eventually turn over the rights to Namco.

Pac-Man was reportedly the first in a series of unauthorized sequels that eventually led to the termination of the licensing agreement between Namco and Midway. Pac-Man was later released on Namco Museum Volume 3 ; however, there is no mention of it in Namco's official archives including the archives on all Namco Museum releases.

In , Namco released an arcade board featuring both Ms. It also features Pac-Man as a hidden bonus game. The later 25th Anniversary Edition allows all three games to be selected at the main menu. Unlike Pac-Man , most home versions of Ms. Pac-Man include all four intermission screens from the arcade game. The Atari rendition of Pac-Man was infamous for its flashing ghosts, while the port of Ms. Pac-Man had minimal flicker. A tabletop version of Ms.

Pac-Man was released in by Coleco. The unit was shaped like a miniature arcade cabinet, was controlled with a small built-in joystick, and used a multicolor vacuum fluorescent display. In , Atari Corporation released a version for the Lynx , [15] introducing new mazes, a fourth intermissions, and a power-up that gives the player a temporary speed boost. Pac-Man to the Famicom in Pac-Man and instead developed a completely new port from scratch. In , Namco released their original port of Ms. Pac-Man in North America themselves, eight years after its original release in Japan.

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They featured four different sets of mazes: There was also a Pac-Booster option that let players make Ms. Pac-Man move much faster which was only available in the original arcade game from a maintenance menu. These versions also allowed two people to play simultaneously, with player 2 as Pac-Man. The game ends at level 32, with an intermission where Pac-Man and Ms. In January , the Atari port of Ms. InfoWorld stated that Atarisoft's Ms. Pac-Man for the Commodore 64 was as good as the best-selling Atari 8-bit version.

The Genesis version of the game sold more than one million copies in the United States. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Today, they are married, just had their first baby, and are more in love than they have ever been.

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You know, I totally get the rationale behind such seduction and dating tactics. For guys, you would have your own set of tactics in approaching and handling girls which would each have its rationale as well. These seduction and dating tactics have their merits; they really do. I have no doubt that there are girls who get marvelous results from applying said tactics, just as there are guys who successfully win the hearts of ladies from sticking to the rules of the seduction and dating book. For these guys and girls, they might have had huge difficulty in dating prior to learning said rules.

For these guys and girls, these approaches might have saved their dating lives and helped them to find their special someones in the sea of singles. Firstly, seduction tactics not all, but many tend to be fear-based in nature. Because they focus on lower-level actions to draw attention and elicit interest rather than a heart-level connection. They also often involve manipulation and ingenuity to a certain extent e. People who utilize seduction tactics often do so because they like to be in control; much of what seduction is about is about control and maintaining the upper hand over the other person the person you are trying to seduce.

These are already fear-based feelings in themselves. Long-term PE readers should know where I stand on fear-based approaches by now. Secondly, in employing these fear-based tactics, you self-sabotage yourself. Because not only would you attract the fear-based people, you keep out genuine daters—the ones you are truly looking for.

I once had a friend who told me to approach dating like it was a game. I shared this tip with two of my close friends, who have been together for over eight years and are in a committed, loving, relationship they just had a baby! I heard what P said, but never made a direct conclusion to the topic. Sometimes it is well possible that these people are missing the point. The point is to reflect for yourself and go with the approach that works best for you. To keep yourself from being vulnerable, from ever being hurt, from even having to put yourself out there to begin with.

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At the end of the day, no one wants to be hurt. Everyone really just wants to be safe from harm. And you know what?

I say forget this tango you are trying to do with love, and put yourself out there to really love and be loved. Because until you allow yourself to be vulnerable, open, and susceptible, you are never going to attract the kind of love you want—true, authentic love. Forget fear of hurt, fear of humiliation, fear of being vulnerable, fear of being put down, or any other fear you may have. As long as you carry such fears with you, you will not attract the kind of romantic relationship that you really want.

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This means if you feel like going out with someone, simply let it be known to the person vs. If you like the person, express it openly through your care and concern. You will find such an approach less taxing on your heart and soul as well. Be open to accommodate, but retain your core identity.

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Remember that in love, it is about being authentic. This is the essence of my article on finding love: I rather put myself out there, let my heart get sliced, diced and handed to me on a platter, than to be evasive out of fear of getting hurt. I hope you found this piece useful.